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5 Best Air Purifiers for Clean and Healthy Air in Your Home in 2021

1. LEVOIT Air Purifier

Your walls not only protect your privacy, but also all kinds of smells, gases, animal hair, and chemicals. In an apartment, there is therefore also fine dust, which can have a major impact on the health of people with allergies.

For this reason, the Air Purifier from the manufacturer Levoit has a three-stage filtration model that filters out more than 99 percent of dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, pet hair, and even mold spores from the indoor air. The 3-stage filtration is especially useful for allergy sufferers and those with a nasal catharr.

The Levoit air purifier has a so-called Hepa filter, an activated carbon filter, and a pre-filter, which are intended to filter and recycle the air in the apartment. In addition, users can choose a low, medium, and high-speed setting. In addition, the model has a design that can be perfectly adapted to any home and apartment environment.


2. INTEY Air Purifier

What consumers immediately notice about this air purifier is the bottle-shaped design, which not only adapts optimally to the respective room environment but also visually enhances the respective room enormously. In addition, there are functions that benefit not only allergy sufferers but for all users. The air purifier has a filter made of polystyrene.

The manufacturer thus guarantees higher strength, flexural strength, and high acid and alkali resistance. In addition, the filter is characterized by a long service life and the fact that it remains effective even after prolonged use. Hair, fine dust, and other larger suspended matter can be filtered out of the respective room in the house and apartment with the air purifier.

The INTEY air cleaner contains a so-called HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter, which removes 99 percent of the air from the polluting particles. In addition, a pre-filter traps dust, hair, and other fine particles in the air. The integrated 360-degree bottle filter is therefore versatile in its functions and works with a 5-stage system. Consumers should also know that it works very quietly with a noise level range of 32 to 56 decibels and is still very efficient. In addition, the air purifier has an automatic shutdown function that can be set manually. Users can choose whether they want to switch it off after half an hour or after eight hours.


3. Dyson Pure Cool Link TP02 Wi-Fi Enabled Air Purifier

Digitization, which is currently penetrating all private and professional areas, is the best example. The digital transformation does not stop at air purifiers either, and it is controlled via a special app. This is the case with the Dyson Pure Cool model. The tower air purifier stands for digital transformation not only because of its technical gimmicks, but also because of its futuristic design. Consumers who place this air purifier in their apartment or house have also created a magnet for the eye, because visitors immediately notice the Dyson. The model not only combines an air cleaner and a tower fan in one device, but is also supplied with a total of four filters.

The scope of delivery therefore includes 2 Hepa filters and 2 activated carbon filters. As already mentioned, the air purifier is controlled by an app that is available for both Android and iOS. In addition, the digital application offers information on air cleaning, filter life and other useful features. In addition to the app, there is a hardware remote control with which the air cleaner, especially the air flow, can be controlled. The weight of the Dyson air purifier is completely in the futuristic sense. The model weighs in at just 299 grams and is therefore almost unbeatable in the weight classes of air purifiers.

In addition, it doesn’t make much noise and with its 64 decibels it is a quiet roommate who reliably does its job. The so-called “Air Multiplier Technology” also provides more than 290 liters per second of even, but still powerful air circulation and distributes the cleaned air throughout the room. Strictly speaking, the Dyson is a room air recycling system. So the future and the digital transformation can come calmly. The app can be used to control the air quality of the room while on the move. So you don’t have to be at home for this.


4. Rowenta 7211001960 PU6020U2 Air Purifier

The manufacturer, who is actually best known for the production of vacuum cleaners, has also specialized in the production of air purifiers. Due to its 4 filter levels, it filters more than 99 percent of the free-floating particles from the interior of the apartment.

However, the rooms should not be larger than 30 square meters. With his changer he can switch between activated carbon filter and a specially built-in fine dust filter. The Rowenta model also has 4 speed levels and an adjustable timer for a delayed start of one to eight hours. Although it does without technical features such as app control, the Rowenta model is very popular with customers because of its quiet operation.

The manufacturer emphasizes that the Rowenta Intense Pure Air air purifier cleans the indoor air within an hour and can be placed anywhere in the apartment or house. In addition, the model is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers, as the air purifier can be used to reduce discomfort.



5. LEVOIT Smart Wi-Fi Air Purifier 

The Levoit Air Purifier WLAN is equipped with a highly efficient HEPA filter. This filters out 99.97 percent of the fine dust particles, pollen, pollen, mites and air pollution. The activated carbon filter, in turn, can neutralize unwanted cooking and smoke odors. There is also a pre-filter for hair, dandruff and lint.

With 230 cubic meters of CADR, the Levoit Air Purifier WLAN is suitable for rooms of up to 48 square meters, according to the manufacturer. In contrast to other models, the air purifier does not use UV or ions and is therefore 100 percent free of ozone. There are three different modes. As the name of the device suggests, this model has integrated WiFi. This allows the air purifier to be controlled via the associated VeSync APP. This allows you to set individual schedules remotely, for example.

The air purifier can also be used comfortably in the bedroom at night, because a practical sleep mode is available. In combination with the timer function, it is very easy to switch off all lights as well. The timer can be set for a maximum of 12 hours. The Air Purifier WLAN can be switched on or off via Alexa voice control.

5 Best Air Purifiers for Clean and Healthy Air in Your Home in 2021
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