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12 Super-Automatic Espresso Machines for 2023

1. Saeco Xelsis SM7580/00 fully automatic coffee machine for twelve different coffee specialties

With the fully automatic coffee machine Xelsis SM7580 / 00 from Saeco, you should be able to make good coffee thanks to simple and individual preparation using various setting options. Among other things, you can customize your favorite drinks personally. Individual settings allow you to save six personal profiles, such as the strength, volume, temperature and taste of the coffee.
Two at a time: According to Saeco, you can use the latte duo function to prepare two coffee specialties at the same time – for example, two latte macchiato or cappuccino.

Saeco guarantees long-lasting performance thanks to the grinder used: you can prepare up to 20,000 cups. This is to be ensured by a disc grinder that is made of 100 percent ceramic and, according to the product description, cannot overheat. Thanks to the latte Perfetto technology, this Saeco coffee machine makes good milk foam according to Amazon product reviews. You can choose from twelve delicious coffee specialties and use the LED display to make all the desired settings and select drinks.

These include, for example:

-Coffee crema
-latte macchiato
-Espresso lungo
-Caffe latte
-Café au lait

What is a disc grinder? In the disc grinder, two superimposed discs process the coffee beans into powder. The distance between the panes and their size influences the quality. You can read more about this in our guide.
You should be able to prepare up to 5,000 cups before you need to descale the machine and replace the filter. The advanced AquaClean technology ensures that you do not have to change the filter as often as with other models. Steam cleaning ensures that the milk nozzle system is always hygienically clean.

2. EP5310/10 fully automatic coffee machine from Philips with AquaClean function and milk frother

The fully automatic coffee machine Philips EP5310/10 is available in black. Like the Saeco model, this fully automatic coffee machine also has a practical AquaClean function with which you can prepare up to 5,000 cups without descaling with a regular filter change. The removable brew group, according to the manufacturer, enables easy cleaning. The device has a classic milk frother. You can use a steam nozzle to froth the milk directly in your cup.

The built-in ceramic grinder should be durable and, according to Philips, is suitable for preparing up to 20,000 cups. You can use the machine to prepare espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, etc. The manufacturer advertises with the innovative operation and simple cleaning functions. Philips has integrated a user-friendly screen for easy navigation. After switching on, the machine should start preparing coffee within a few seconds. You can individually set parameters such as cup filling quantity, coffee strength and temperature.

Individual and practical: This fully automatic coffee machine offers setting options for the amount, strength and temperature of the coffee. Thanks to the memo function, the device remembers your information for the next coffee preparation.
The Philips EP5310/10 is a solid fully automatic coffee machine that promises easy operation. The model can prepare different coffee specialties and is in the middle class in comparison.

3. De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM 3200.S fully automatic coffee machine – with direct selection buttons and two-cup function

Fully automatic coffee machines from the manufacturer De’Longhi can be found in many leaderboards, such as the Stiftung Warentest, which rated a device from the brand positively in a test from 2019. The Magnifica ESAM 3200.S is particularly popular with Amazon customers, which offers many extras, such as a control panel with direct selection buttons or a conical grinder with a total of 13 levels. For example, start the day with an espresso and enjoy a delicious latte macchiato or other drinks in the afternoon. Thanks to the CRF technology used, the manufacturer guarantees you a particularly aromatic taste.

What does CRF technology mean? The abbreviation stands for “compact, reliable and fresh” or according to the manufacturer for “Caffè really fresh”. It is a patented and particularly small brew group. The optimal heat distribution and a 1: 1 aroma system should make the coffee taste fresh and aromatic.
The De’Longhi fully automatic coffee machine has a milk frother. You can also remove the brew group to make cleaning easier. The front removable water tank holds 1.8 liters. Amazon customers praise the grinder of the De’Longhi machine.

Variable cup height: With the fully automatic coffee machine from De’Longhi you can adjust the coffee spout from 80 to 110 millimeters. According to Amazon customer reviews, this should be comfortable because you can use almost every cup and glass with the machine.
Other features of the device are:

-Constant temperature of the thermoblock
-Descaling, cleaning and rinsing program
-Automatic switch-off
-Pre-brew aroma system
-Heated cup shelf

4. Melitta fully automatic coffee machine Caffeo CI E970-10 with two-chamber bean container and 0-watt switch

The Melitta Caffeo CI E970-10 model has numerous functions that are popular with coffee fans. So also via the practical My Coffee Memory function with which you can save the individual presets of up to four users. The two-chamber filling enables you to use different types of beans. A powder chute for ground coffee is integrated.

Saving electricity made easy: The manufacturer Melitta attaches great importance to an energy-saving function in this fully automatic coffee machine. This machine is not only equipped with economical LED lights but also has an automatic function for switching off.
The intuitive touch display is a practical feature. Set the coffee variations of your choice and choose milk foam and other extras. The all-in-one spout on this Melitta device is adjustable up to 140 centimeters as described. Simultaneous two-cup preparation should be possible. You should benefit from the automatic water level monitoring, the separate hot water preparation, pre-programmed coffee variations and the LED cup lighting.

According to Melitta, the milk system and the brew group are removable and therefore hygienic to clean. The manufacturer has also integrated an automatic cleaning program. According to the product description, it is also possible to clean some elements in the dishwasher.

In addition to the Melitta fully automatic coffee machine, the scope of delivery includes:

-Milk container
-Water filter with screw-in aid
-Test strips for water hardness
What are the advantages and disadvantages of a fully automatic coffee machine? With such a device, you can prepare numerous coffee variations in a short time and simply at the push of a button. However, you should take good care of a fully automatic coffee machine and adjust to a certain volume during preparation.

5. Compact fully automatic coffee machine EA8108 from Krups with multifunctional rotary control


According to the manufacturer, the fully automatic coffee machine EA8108 from Krups should have a long service life. The machine offers a special brew group that is equipped with stainless steel chambers. According to Krups, the cleaning system should be particularly efficient and support independent cleaning.

The device impresses with its compact design and good equipment. The manufacturer attaches great importance to slim design so that the EA8108 fully automatic coffee machine can be accommodated in your kitchen to save space. The dimensions are 36.5 x 26 x 32 centimeters and the weight is seven kilograms.


Other interesting product features are:

-Clear coffee bean container for 275 grams
-Variable beverage sizes from 20 to 220 milliliters
-Automatic double grinding function for a large coffee
-Power: 450 watts
-Pump pressure: 15 bar
-Dosing individually: You can adjust the coffee strength, amount of water and temperature individually and, according to the manufacturer, benefit from the optimal dosing of the fully automatic coffee machine.
-One of the special features of the Krups fully automatic coffee machine is the multifunctional control dial, which is intended to make the intuitive operation of the coffee machine possible. The height-adjustable coffee spout from 60 to 105 millimeters offers space for common cup sizes. The cone grinder, which can be adjusted in three positions, can be found in this form in the few top models. With the Cappuccino Plus milk nozzle, you froth the milk directly in the cup.

6. Siemens EQ.6 Plus s300 TE653501DE fully automatic coffee machine – fine-pored milk foam and quick preparation

The Siemens EQ.6 Plus s300 TE653501DE fully automatic coffee machine with 1,500 watts is a powerful fully automatic coffee machine. A ceramic grinder should grind the coffee beans very gently. With this model, the practical operation is possible using the touch sensor direct selection buttons.

The individual operating options of the fully automatic coffee machine Siemens EQ.6 Plus s300 TE653501DE enable the preparation of personalized drinks. You can also save your desired parameters as presets in the device.

The SensoFlow system enables a constant high temperature during brewing and so the coffee should become particularly aromatic. Thanks to the fully automatic steam cleaning function AutoMilk-Clean, the machine cleans itself automatically.

7. De’Longhi Magnifica S ECAM 22.110.B – quiet coffee machine with direct selection buttons and rotary control

The fully-automatic coffee machine De’Longhi Magnifica S ECAM 22.110.B is equipped with a milk frother and removable brew group. The removable drip tray, which you can clean in the dishwasher, has a water level indicator. The two-cup function allows you to prepare two coffees at the same time.

Fresh coffee – quiet and brewed in no time: According to customer reviews, the built-in conical grinder of the Magnifica fully automatic coffee machine from De’Longhi is very quiet. The beans are freshly prepared for every brewing process. This is ensured by a lid, which should maintain the full aroma of the beans.
The conical grinder has 13 levels that allow individual settings. According to Amazon reviews, this model from De’Longhi is easy to use. The device has built-in direct selection buttons and knobs that save time and effort.

The device is equipped with a height-adjustable spout. The water tank holds 1.8 liters and can be removed from the front. In addition, De’Longhi promises you a low-maintenance device thanks to the fully automatic rinsing and descaling program and the integrated water filter.

8. Slim coffee machine Caffeo Solo E950-222 from Melitta for beginners – with pre-brewing function

The Melitta fully automatic coffee machine Caffeo Solo E950-222 is suitable for small kitchens. The model measures only 20 centimeters in width and scores with its simple design. The chrome-plated design elements catch the eye. The manufacturer describes this model as the ideal solution for beginners in the world of fully automatic coffee machines.

Steel cone grinder: The grinder of the Melitta Caffeo Solo fully automatic coffee machine is adjustable in three stages. The same applies to the typical energy-saving function of Melitta.
There is a function for pre-brewing and it is also possible to prepare two cups at the same time. Due to the height-adjustable cup spout, you can use vessels up to 13.5 centimeters high. You can adjust the coffee strength in three levels – from extra mild without pre-brewing to extra strong with pre-brewing.

You can easily operate the machine using the LED symbol display with one-touch function. Both the removable brew group and the automatic cleaning and descaling program should ensure simple and hygienic cleaning of the Caffeo Solo and an unadulterated taste of your coffee.

9. Miele CM 6350 fully automatic coffee machine – with LED cup lighting

With this model from the brand manufacturer Miele, the so-called OneTouch and OneTouch-for-Two preparation is possible. In addition to a cup warmer, hot water spout and key lighting, automatic washing programs are available on the Miele CM 6350 fully automatic coffee machine.

Thanks to the brewing technology, which Miele calls the AromaticSystem, the water and coffee are mixed in the brewing chamber. Thanks to the appropriate device, you can pour hot milk or creamy milk foam directly into a glass or cup in a matter of seconds.


Other product features are:

-Height-adjustable cup spout from 8 to 14 centimeters
-Water tank with a capacity of 1.8 liters
-Coffee bean container for 300 grams
-Several cups in a row: Thanks to the coffee and teapot function, you can make up to eight cups of coffee in succession at the push of a button. The coffee flows directly into a practical coffee pot. The same applies to the preparation of tea water – either only for a cup or an entire pot.
-According to the provider, the brewing unit is easy to remove. With just one push of a button you can prepare various coffee specialties separately or simultaneously. The model supports two-cup preparation. With the Miele fully automatic coffee machine, you can program the switch-on and switch-off times as required.

10. Space-saving, fully automatic VeroCup 100 coffee machine from Bosch – with the optimal brewing temperature

If you appreciate the Bosch household and kitchen appliances, a suitable fully automatic coffee machine of this brand might be suitable for preparing your coffee. The VeroCup 100 fully automatic coffee machine with the model number TIS30159DE is a model for which many positive reviews can be found on the Internet. With dimensions of 37.8 x 24.7 x 42 centimeters, the device takes up relatively little space.

The pleasure with foam: The milk nozzle, which is called the Bosch MilkMagicPro system, is used to produce a fine-pored milk foam.
The Heater Inside system ensures the optimal temperature during brewing. Thanks to the SensoFlow system, the full aroma of your coffee should be able to develop. There is only one OneTouch function available for this device, so it is not possible to prepare several cups at the same time. You can brew espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato at the push of a button.

In this version, the grinder is made of ceramic and Bosch guarantees a long service life. The ceramic grinder ensures that the machine gets the maximum aroma from every single coffee bean. It is a well-equipped fully automatic coffee machine that offers a solid price-performance ratio and is characterized by simple use.

11. Philips EP2220/10 SensorTouch coffee machine – with a classic milk frother

With the Philips EP2220 / 10 SensorTouch coffee machine, you can prepare two specialty coffees at the same time with the push of a button. According to the manufacturer, there is a system for producing a velvety, creamy milk foam that can refine your cappuccino, for example.

A system for frothing milk is available on the Philips EP2220 / 10 SensorTouch coffee machine. With cappuccino and similar drinks, you should be able to enjoy a velvety, creamy milk foam.

With the Philips EP2220 / 10 SensorTouch coffee machine, you can adjust the aroma strength and the amount of coffee using an intuitive user interface. According to the manufacturer, the operation is particularly easy.
Philips attaches great importance to long-lasting performance and therefore uses a 100 percent ceramic disc grinder. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, you can prepare up to 20,000 cups.

12. Quiet Siemens fully automatic coffee machine Siemens EQ.9 Plus – with large water tank and high convenience

The modern milk system and the SensoFlow system as well as the OneTouch Double Cup option of the fully automatic coffee machine Siemens EQ.9 Plus from Siemens is designed to ensure pure coffee enjoyment. According to Siemens, a constant high temperature during brewing enables the best aroma.

High comfort and good aroma: According to the manufacturer’s description, this fully automatic coffee machine offers a high level of comfort and a good aroma, which is related to the ideal brewing temperature. Siemens advertises the automatic cleaning system for this device, which is to save time through a simple operation.
The large water tank is striking because it holds 1.7 liters. The dimensions of the Siemens device are large, so you should plan a space for it.

In addition to the fully automatic coffee machine, the scope of delivery includes:

-Descaling tablets
-BRITA INTENZA water filter cartridge
-Welcome box
-Measuring spoons
-Test strips for determination of water hardness

The Auto Milk Clean function ensures fully automatic steam cleaning after the preparation of a drink. This saves you time and you do not have to clean the milk system manually. Maybe you have already tested fully automatic coffee machines and found that the devices are very loud. The manufacturer Siemens placed particular emphasis on a significant noise reduction with this model. Siemens describes this feature as Super Silent.

12 Super-Automatic Espresso Machines for 2023
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