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TOP 5 Baby Stroller Practical and Trendy for 2021

1. Bugaboo Fox 2 Complete 

We fell in love with the Bugaboo Fox. It looks good, is the flyweight in the test, and can be designed very individually. It drives almost by itself, even on cobblestones and in the grass. Its all-wheel suspension, the simple handling, and the top workmanship are also completely convincing, nothing rattles.

Other plus points: It is very small in the trunk, has an easy belt, is made from environmentally friendly recycled material, and has a large storage basket. The parking brake, which is easy to operate with the foot, is also impressive. The sidewalls of the baby bath with the soft mattress do not have any hard pipes, unlike other models in the test. The area of the softly padded child seat is generous. Up to three, four years, and 17 kilograms there is plenty of room for a three-cheese-high and comes with a comfortable footrest.

A 38-liter capacity, loadable with ten kilograms of luggage – that is something special for a stroller whose underframe shelf is not a fixed steel basket, but a weight-saving shelf made of textile fabric, equipped with two inner nets and supplemented by two attachment points for another bag. The cradle and seat parts are included, usable from birth, and advertised as ergonomically improved.


2. Joolz Day3 Complete Baby Stroller Set

The stylish Joolz Day 3 is a delicate, narrow, and light stroller in a minimalist, reduced design. But the Joolz not only looks good, but it is also very suitable for everyday use. A large sun canopy should protect the baby from the sun. The tub with the soft head cushion and the practical carrying handles gives the baby plenty of space, the XL hood with sun protection factor 50+ and rear ventilation window proves to be good sun protection. The cover scores with a zipper. The baby bath is particularly suitable for newborns and infants.

The hammer is the manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee. But you will hardly need that because the stroller from Holland scores with solid quality, a strong four-wheel suspension, and a pleasantly high bath and buggy position.

It didn’t make it to the top due to its complicated belt buckle, the very narrow stroller seat, and the tight shopping basket. The Day3 carrycot also offers large babies a lot of space, and the seat gives the children very good visibility. The seating comfort through an adjustable footrest.


3. Hot Mom Baby Stroller 360 Rotation Function

The Hot Mom stroller is offered as a 3-in-1 travel system with a carrycot and a buggy attachment. Thus, the use of the stroller can be adapted to the needs of the child. Both attachments can be mounted both in and against the direction of travel. The backrest of the buggy part can be fixed in sitting and lying positions, as well as in an intermediate position. The height of the push handle can be easily adjusted according to the height of the driver. Hot Mom has revised its pram and presented it in new designs in 2020. The cover made of waterproof PU leather, which according to the manufacturer can be wiped with a damp cloth, is striking.

The baby bath of the Hot Mom stroller is designed with a special mattress. Babies snuggle up in the seat reduction. A large sun canopy should protect the baby from the sun. Also, children up to a weight of 13 kilograms lie and sit firmly and safely in it. Then at the latest, but at the earliest when they can sit independently, toddlers should move to the sports seat of the Hot Mom F22 stroller.

The backrest and footrest can be easily adjusted to the child’s body size. The large hood is divisible. It can be opened with a zipper. According to the manufacturer, children from the age of 6 months feel comfortable and safe in the Hot Mom sports seat.


4. Quinny Zapp Flex Stroller

When folded, the Zapp is only 70 x 25 x 29 centimeters, making it one of the smallest of its kind. The model sold by Quinny convinces as a mobile and extremely agile companion on the shopping tour. If you are looking for a city runabout that can be driven just as smoothly on urban terrain as it is off-road, you will in all likelihood have real pleasure with the Zapp. This is made possible by its smart tires: The vehicle moves the youngsters on three spring-loaded air-chamber tires – two at the rear, one double wheel at the front.

The latter, in turn, can be swiveled through 360 degrees, giving the candidate sleek maneuverability, which gives him a clear advantage, especially in city life, when shopping or in narrow hallways. If you lock the front wheel, the Quinny can also be maneuvered without complaint on cobblestones, forest, and gravel paths.

Thanks to its integrated adapter and a baby seat (available separately), it can be converted into a travel system in no time at all.  It is hardly surprising that it is particularly light at just six kilograms. Another comfort plus: In addition to the two usual single handles, the Zapp also has a continuous slide that allows the vehicle to be steered with one hand.


5. Quinny Rachel Zoe Jet Set Moodd Stroller

Externally, the Quinny Mood is clearly out of the ordinary. The long-legged three-wheeler buggy brings the youngsters into an initially unusually high seating position with its upright seat shell. Incidentally, when looking at the datasheet, this also makes sense: The seat unit can also be aligned against the direction of travel and thus has the advantages of so-called social referencing in the parent’s eye: The child can orientate itself on the facial expression of the parent, especially in unfamiliar situations.

With the seat height from the floor of a little more than 54 centimeters, the buggy is one of the highest designs that can be found in children’s bodies for the sitting age. It results not only from the special Y-shaped frame design in the area of the rear wheels but also from the large pneumatic tires.

In the Quinny range, the 15-kilogram model takes the position of the sophisticated city buggy for style-conscious parents and also sets new standards in terms of driving comfort. For example, the manufacturer deliberately does without a rear axle in the usual landscape format for the frame, which is not annoying, especially for tall parents with a wide step.


TOP 5 Baby Stroller Practical and Trendy for 2021
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