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The 4 best bread machines in 2021

1. UNOLD Backmeister Top Edition 68415

This bread maker is not surprising with unusual programs, because the traditional brand UNOLD prefers to use proven classics. The bread maker Backmeister Top Edition has been on the market for a relatively long time and has proven itself thousands of times. The opinion of the users is mostly positive, with most praise getting a very good baking performance of this kitchen appliance.
Neat range of functions and a generous baking pan

The UNOLD offers the consumer 11 automatic programs as well as an individual baking program. The popular all-rounders such as “white bread”, “whole grain”, a program for yeast dough and one for jam are on board. It is a pity, however, that this bread maker is not equipped with a special program for gluten-free bread.

The UNOLD Backmeister Top Edition 68415 is a bread maker for high demands and usually masters its baking tasks perfectly. The device is recommended for those who appreciate high quality but are not too keen to experiment.


2. Aicok Stainless Steel Bread Machine

This model scores with a number of high-end functions and despite some critical voices, among other things because of the confusing user manual, receives mostly praising feedback.
Designed for experimental and demanding. This bread maker was developed by the manufacturer as a top-class device, so 19 partly innovative programs are included. In addition to a standard package of baking programs, such specials as “unleavened bread” or “milk bread” should be emphasized. The baking program for gluten-free bread, popular with many users, is also part of the Aicok.

The Aicok bread maker is designed for a discerning consumer who likes to test new recipes and generally bakes frequently, and who would also like to use the bread maker as a yogurt maker and rice cooker.

3. Moulinex MAC.PANE

With the Moulinex OW 6101 you do not go wrong with the purchase. Overall it has the edge: Its ease of use is one of the best, this applies to the display as well as the structure of the menus and buttons. Bread succeeds first-class, but unfortunately sourdough doesn’t work at all.

The relatively quiet device has a very good build quality, everything sits securely in its place, the operation is fun. Numerous programs also allow special applications, such as gluten-free bread or pasta dough.


4. Unold Backmeister Extra 68511

The dual baking insert allows two different 750-gram bread to be baked at the same time. The large baking pan holds an amazing 1800 grams, it couldn’t be bigger. However, the Backmeister Extra does its job without grumbling: the standard bread mix succeeds first-class.

Basically, the Unold is a usable bread baker who, with its low standby power consumption and low volume, also has a positive effect on the environmental properties and emissions.

In the absence of a sourdough program, we simulated the long fermentation time and when baking at the highest level, there was actually a very nice, dark crust.


The 4 best bread machines in 2021
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