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10 Best garden trampolines in 2021

1. Garden trampoline jumper from Ultrasport with high quality jumping mat

If you are looking for a comparatively cheap garden trampoline that still has the highest safety standards, you have come to the right place with the Ultrasport garden trampoline jumper – it offers you a unique price-performance ratio in a trampoline comparison. With a product weight of just over 50 kilograms, it is one of the lightest trampolines in comparison, but thanks to a strong steel frame it still has good stability. And you don’t have to be afraid of injuries because of the steel: the net posts are thickly padded and there is also no danger of tipping over.

In addition, thanks to its 64 springs, the Ultrasport garden trampoline ensures an excellent jumping experience, which is also confirmed by the numerous positive customer reviews. A high-quality net surrounds the entire jumping area so that your child cannot just jump out of the trampoline and possibly injure himself. The trampoline has a maximum load of up to 150 kilograms.


2. Outdoor garden trampoline complete set 800111 from TecTake with step ladder for kids

With a maximum load of 150 kilograms specified by the manufacturer, the 80011 is suitable for both children and adults. However, as a couple, you shouldn’t jump around as a couple, especially if you have been standing outside for a few nights. A practical boarding ladder ensures that even smaller kids can effortlessly cope with the boarding height between 55 and 90 centimeters.

A zipper is also built into the net for easy entry. If we take a look at the equipment, the TecTake outdoor garden trampoline is not a major cause of complaints. A galvanized frame ensures the overall stability of the construction and both the net rods and the edge covers are padded.

This optimally prevents injuries. A safety net ensures that you can’t just jump out of the trampoline. So all that’s left for us to do is to go into the structure of the complete set. This is very straightforward and clearly explained in the enclosed assembly instructions. Even alone, you shouldn’t need much longer than 1 hour for the entire set-up.


3. Zero Gravity garden trampoline Ultima 4 – with an extra-strong frame and twelve legs

With the Ultima 4 garden trampoline from Zero Gravity you will not make a mistake either. This trampoline, equipped with an internal safety net, is based on the latest technology. The top of this net is made of PVC and provides solid protection. A small ladder is also available to facilitate access to the trampoline.

The padding in particular plays an important role in a good mid-range trampoline and should never be neglected. With the Zero Gravity garden trampoline, this property was considered. So the production relies on thick inner padding. The outer material is also very hard-wearing so that the Zero Gravity garden trampoline can be used for many years with appropriate care. Zero Gravity uses a frame with a patented system without welds for its trampolines. Because according to the manufacturer, these should be a weak point.

The twelve legs or six double legs are said to provide particular stability for the Ultima 4. Because the more contact the device has with the ground, the more stable it is. The number of legs varies depending on the outside diameter. How to get the Zero Gravity garden trampoline with a diameter of 183 to 427 centimeters. The maximum weight should always be checked. For example, the smallest version with a diameter of 183 centimeters is approved for a maximum weight of 50 kilograms, the larger version up to 100 kilograms.


4. Monzana garden trampoline including reinforced safety net and ladder

The Monzana garden trampoline, like many other models, is available in different sizes and is very attractively priced in every size category. Thanks to its TÜV Süd GS certification, the highest safety standards are guaranteed – both in terms of the processing of the seams, rods and the like, and in terms of the quality of the safety net. Another advantage of this garden trampoline from Monzana is the durability of the UV-resistant jumping mat. This is made of very elastic USA PP mesh and can withstand maximum loads between 100 and 160 kilograms.
This way, your kids’ friends can jump and jump as much as they can without any further concerns.As far as the fun factor is concerned, according to the manufacturer, powerful galvanized steel springs ensure maximum jumping pleasure. An almost 30 centimeters wide, padded spring cover made of UV-resistant PVC protects the springs against corrosion as well as against water during a heavy downpour. An additional effect is that these covers offer safety when jumping in the area of the springs. In addition, the T-connections between the trampoline legs and the circular frame should significantly increase the stability of the construction.

5. Kinetic Sports garden trampoline – complete outdoor set with good bounce

The outdoor garden trampoline from Kinetic Sports is another model in this trampoline comparison that has a maximum load of 150 kilograms.
The Kinetic model is therefore not only suitable for children, on the contrary: the adults among us can also bring back fun with the trampoline or use the jumping device as a unique fitness option. Because even if jumping trampolines are supposed to be fun – the effort involved drives pearls of sweat on one or another hard-boiled athlete.
As the name suggests, the model arrives as a complete set. In the beginning you have to take the scepter in your hand and assemble all parts so that a trampoline results. However, the structure is clearly explained and is quick to do so that you can start exercising after less than 2 hours.

6. CZON SPORTS garden trampoline

The trampoline from the manufacturer CZON SPORTS could also be suitable for you, provided that you require a tested model that is very well suited for children. In addition to a safety net, padded poles and an edge cover are also available, which maximizes general safety.

If you commit yourself to the garden trampoline from CZON SPORTS, you can be sure that you will benefit from a model that is particularly easy and quick to assemble. The tubes always snap into place and offer good security. The springs are also out of reach, so there is no painful pinching.

To ensure that the trampoline can also be conveniently set up outdoors, the manufacturer has placed great emphasis on weatherproofing. For this purpose, the brand relies on galvanized gold conical springs, among other things, so that perfect functioning is to be expected after several years of use.

7. Complete garden trampoline set 2055 by Hop-Sport – including ladder and weather tarpaulin

The Hop-Sport 2055 garden trampoline complete set is one of two models by the manufacturer Hop-Sport in this trampoline comparison and is still comparatively new on the market. The assembly of the complete set is very simple and can be done in one hour with a helping hand. In the event of minor difficulties, either the informative operating instructions or the friendly customer service from Hop-Sport will help.

All trampolines from Hop-Sport have an Intertek / GS certificate, and this model is no exception. This means that all the important safety requirements for the trampolines are met: in addition to padded net posts and an edge cover, this also includes a UV-resistant jumping mat and a robust safety net.

With this model, an additional inner net, which you can use depending on the size, ensures maximum security.According to the manufacturer, the highly elastic jumping mat is resistant to high loads, sunlight and moisture. With the jumping mat, you benefit from the robustly sewn steel eyelets, which absorb all of your jumping power.


8. Traffic light 24 deluxe outdoor trampoline with promise of quality and water drainage

The model of the company “Ampel 24” in the large trampoline comparison is an outdoor garden trampoline with an outer diameter of 366 centimeters.This garden trampoline is equipped with 72 springs, which, however, ensure large jumps and bounces in terms of overall size. The extra reinforced spring cover protects against injuries in the jumping area of the springs. The trampoline can hold up to 160 kilograms.

Now we come to the safety of the model: Here the manufacturer Ampel 24 offers you a promise of quality for all of its models. All seams as well as the edge cover and the tenfold stitched jumping mat are of high quality and meet the highest safety requirements. So that you can feel even safer, there is a stable safety net with an upper protective ring, a super thick fiber-reinforced spring cover and eight padded rods on four double legs. The net is made of tear-resistant material. If TÜV SÜD certification is added, you should no longer have to worry about the safety of your little ones on the garden trampoline.

The assembly instructions for the complete set are illustrated and easy to understand, and you have a warranty claim for almost all individual parts. Even if individual parts should give up after a few years, you can usually upgrade for free. Only the assembly is then up to you.


9. Garden trampoline Fitness by HUDORA for garden use

Hudora is probably one of the best-known sports brands in Germany and of course also represented with a model in a large trampoline comparison.

Without a doubt, it is one of the absolute box office hits in Germany and can actually convince in many aspects. For example, in terms of equipment and structure: In case of doubt, the customer has to buy an inexpensive trampoline ladder, because this is not included in the set. But otherwise the trampoline can convince in full. Whether edge cover, stable safety net or padded net poles – everything is included. The setup is quite simple and can be done in pairs in just under 1.5 hours.

According to the manufacturer, the Hudora trampoline also meets the highest standards when it comes to safety when jumping. In addition, thanks to a maximum load of 150 kilograms, it is suitable for both children and adults who want to use the trampoline as a fitness device. You get the fitness trampoline with a hot-dip galvanized metal frame and padded main bars with a large safety distance. The classic coil springs with their linear spring travel should ensure a sporty jumping behavior.


10. Hop-Sport garden trampoline complete set 2793 – with extensive accessories and large jumping surface

Watch out! If you are looking for a large jumping surface, you should now open your eyes wide and prick up your ears. Because this complete garden trampoline set from Hop-Sport convinces with a gigantic outer diameter of up to 490 centimeters. Of course, the model is also available in smaller sizes depending on the request and the price, but the XXL model is one of the largest on the trampoline market. At the same time, the structure is not much more complicated than that of competitor models or different sizes.

You get the XXL garden trampoline with five legs, and inside and outside galvanized frame, 100 steel springs and ten padded support posts. And this hop sport can also convince when it comes to accessories, as an entry ladder, a weather tarpaulin and a floor hook are included – a real complete set!


10 Best garden trampolines in 2021
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