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The Best 8 Hair Clippers – Cut Like Proffessional Own Hair at Home

1. Braun MGK3040 multi grooming set, 7-in-1 precision trimmer for beard and hair

The Braun Multigrooming is a precision trimmer for beard and hair. The hair clipper offers 7 styling options, such as:

-3-day beard
-cut hair
-short, medium and long beard
-smooth shave
-contouring and
-body shave

The Braun hair trimmer offers 13 different length settings – from 0.5 to 21 mm. 4 trim attachments and detail trimmers enable many different styles, for both hair and beard. Short, medium-long or long beards or the so-called 3-day beard are no problem for the Braun beard trimmer. The battery life of the Braun hair clipper is 60 minutes and without any loss of performance. The sharp blades ensure a smooth and clean cut. Braun Multigrooming is cleaned under running water.

The LED charge indicator shows you the battery level of your device so that you know exactly how much power the hair clipper still has. In terms of price, the Braun hair and beard trimmer is part of the affordable hair cutting models.


2. Philips Series 3000 hair trimmer QC5115 / 15

This hair clipper from Philips is the cheapest hair clipper of our comparison. It comes with 2 attachments – a beard-cutting attachment and a hair cutting attachment.

The Philips hair trimmer is operated with a cable, so charging and battery life is not an issue with this hair clipper. The cutting lengths of the hair and beard trimmer are adjustable in 11 lengths, from 3 mm to 21 mm.

The blades are made of stainless steel, are maintenance-free and do not need to be oiled. The Philips hair trimmer QC5115 is one of the light and easy-to-use devices, whereby a variable and as diverse styling as with the “competitors” of our comparison is not possible.

3. Braun hair trimmer HC5050 with 17 lengths

This Braun hair trimmer offers you 17 different length settings. With the two attachments you can cut both hair and beard. Short hair and long hair cuts are possible. The small trimmer comb is for lengths from 3 to 24 mm, the larger trimmer comb for longer hair between 14 and 35 mm.

The sharp blades of the Braun hair trimmer are made of stainless steel and are therefore designed for lifelong use.

This hair trimmer is operated with a dual battery system. This means that two NiMH batteries are fully charged within 8 hours in order to then be able to use the hair clipper for 50 minutes without cables. It is also possible to use the hair and beard trimmer with the cable.

4. The Panasonic ER-1611 professional hair trimmer

According to Panasonic, the ER-1611 professional hair clipper is one of the best-selling hair clippers in Germany. Over 400,000 devices of this model are used in hairdressing salons and domestic households.The Panasonic hair trimmer is characterized by the carbon / titanium-coated X-taper blade shaving blades, which ensure thorough and precise haircuts. And not only that but with the Panasonic professional hair trimmer you can also:

-contour haircuts
-trim your hair
-trim the beard and
-also trim the body hair.

With the quick charging function of 1 hour, the hair trimmer is quickly ready for use again. The hair clipper is delivered with the charging station, the 3 attachments, a cleaning brush, and oil. The hair cutter’s charge indicator shows when it’s time to charge. Of course, the hair clipper can also be used with a cable.

5. Panasonic ER-GP80 professional hair clipper for battery and mains operation, black

This professional device from Panasonic with the designation ER-GP80 is the successor of the hair clipper just presented. This hair clipper has also been sold over 400,000 times in Germany and offers the same advantages and advantages as the “older” version. The difference to the predecessor: the Panasonic professional hair clipper is lighter and more optimized in its use.

And in another point, the newer version of the hair trimmer differs from the “old” one: in the cutting performance. While the Panasonic ER-1611 can cut 53,000 hairs per second, this newer model has 62,000 hairs. This hair trimmer is also equipped with the carbon / titanium-coated X-taper-Blade shaving blades, which allow thorough and precise hair and beard-cutting.

The individual parts of the hair clipper can be replaced or repaired so that the service life can be used much longer compared to the cheap hair clippers. Of course, this advantage is reflected in the price – this hair clipper is the most expensive hair clipper in our comparison.

6. Philips hair trimmer (dual cut technology), battery/mains HC3420

This hair trimmer comes from Philips and has the Dual Cut technology, which stands for longer running time, more power and effortless cutting. The stainless steel blades of the hair trimmer are self-sharpening, rust-free, washable and oil-free. With 13 length settings from 0.5 mm to 23 mm – at intervals of 2 mm – the Philips hair trimmer can already offer something.

The hair trimmer, which is supplied with a comb attachment, can be used with or without a cable. The hair clipper can run for 60 minutes on battery power. However, the weight of the Philips hair trimmer is immense: at 998 g, this device is one of the heavy hair trimmers in our comparison. It goes without saying that this hair clipper cannot be used as a professional device in hairdressing shops.

Of course, the ability of the Philips hair clipper is shown in the price – this device is one of the affordable hair clippers that we present to you.

7. Philips Series7000 hair trimmer HC7450

The Philips Series7000 hair trimmer is equipped with self-sharpening titanium blades that are self-sharpening, oil-free, rust-free and washable. The dual cut technology gives the hair clipper a longer lifespan and run time. In addition, this technology in combination with the blades enables effortless cutting of hair and beard.

The Philips Series 7000 hair clipper is characterized by 24 precise length settings, ranging from 0.5 mm to 23 mm. The hair trimmer has the so-called zoom wheel technology in order to be able to precisely set the desired length. The hair trimmer can also be used without a comb attachment, then trims the hair to a length of 0.5 mm. The cutting speed can be increased with the turbo button.

The Philips hair trimmer can be operated both without and with a cable. Without a cable, the hair clipper naturally offers easier handling and more freedom than with a cable. And the battery life is impressive – with up to 120 minutes the hair trimmer is already very powerful – and that with a charging time of one hour.

8. Remington hair clipper set stylist

The Remington hair trimmer set has a ceramic coating and a blade adjustment lever to precisely adjust the cutting blade. The blade is also self-sharpening and self-oiling, which means that it is not necessary to re-oil the blade.

The Remington can be used both in AC and battery mode. In the latter case, the charge indicator shows when it is time to charge the Remington hair trimmer. The hair trimmer can be used on battery power for a total of 40 minutes.

The scope of delivery of the hair cutting set includes 8 comb attachments that are suitable for hair cutting lengths from 3 mm to 25 mm.

The Best 8 Hair Clippers – Cut Like Proffessional Own Hair at Home
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