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Top 5 Best Home Cinema Projectors in 2021

1. Epson Home Cinema 4K PRO-UHD Projector

First of all, the horizontal and vertical lens shift should be mentioned, so that the Epson can be perfectly aligned to the screen, even if the two are not optimally positioned to each other. Since the entire optics are motorized with focus, zoom, and shift, i.e. can be controlled by remote control, this can be done conveniently from the armchair; a test image can be displayed at the push of a button to help. The various settings, for example for films with different aspect ratios, can be saved as lens presets and called up when required.

The lavishly dimensioned 2-fold zoom also contributes to the fact that the Epson can be perfectly adjusted in terms of screen spacing and the desired image diagonal. However, the UHD specifications require the display of a color space that far exceeds the BT.709. The Epson also has a default setting for this case: in the “Digital Cinema” preset it covers the color space far beyond the BT.709 standard, so it even meets the cinema standard, as the name suggests. It is well equipped for current UHD productions, any additional technical effort, especially with regard to the resolution, is clearly reflected in the price.


2. BenQ W5700 Projector

Accurate color reproduction is of course a prerequisite for an impressive home theater experience. In times of films that want to impress audiences not only with 4K resolution but also with dynamic, high-contrast material, the projector must also be able to cope with this. The BenQ can actually do that, although the resolution is extrapolated from a FullHD DLP chip, but it works better with every generation. Thanks to the factory calibration and delivery in the »Cinema« picture mode, which already specifies the HDTV standard color space, the BenQ can get started practically straight out of the box.

The optics, which are emblazoned on the front of the W5700, are also quite up to the high-resolution image signals. In addition, it is still very flexible, with a 1.6x zoom and the lens shift, which works both horizontally and vertically, the installation in any living room or home theater should not be too difficult.


3. JVC DLA-N5 Projector

As expected, the DLA-N5 is easy to install, with the motorized optics facilitating perfect alignment with the screen – all simply by remote control. If you want, you can also optimize important image parameters such as color tone and brightness individually for the respective screen at the push of a button, the most common screens are stored in a total of 148 screen modes and can be selected there.

These settings can be stored together with those of the optics in several presets. What a mobile projector, which should be adapted to changing framework conditions, would actually look good to see appears slightly exaggerated for the stationary JVC. This feature is actually something for die-hard cinema freaks who already have more than one screen. The lens memory, which stores up to five different configurations of the optics as a preset, for example, to occasionally activate an anamorphic lens, i.e. a 21: 9 auxiliary lens, has been taken over by the DLA-N5 from its FullHD colleagues, a not to be underestimated Comfort.

4. Optoma UHD350X Projector

The 1.3x zoom and the lens shift, even if it only works vertically, are good prerequisites for flexible installation. The preferred color for the home theater is black so that there are a few bright reflections as possible in the dark home theater. As befits its standing, the UHD350X is only available in black. The UHD350X also has an accurate picture setting ex-works and already covers the HDTV standard color space, provides sufficient brightness and contrast for the living room cinema, and is quiet despite the bright lamp setting.

The new menu of the UHD350X is the real highlight, here Optoma has integrated a media player that can also access files from the connected USB storage device. With the very well-functioning motion compensation, even complex pans are smoothly brought to the screen. If you prefer the jerky cinema style, you can also deactivate the PureMotion.


5. Acer V7850 Projector

The Acer V7850 can also convince in the DLP warehouse, which is due to its high level of detail on the one hand and the currently low price on the other. Even if it weighs only half of our favorite, it can score with very good contrast values and accurate color reproduction.

However, it cannot display 3D content, and if you can do without it, the V7850 is an HDR-compatible 4K projector currently at a bargain price. In addition, the lens shift only affects the vertical position of the image, so the projector has to be aligned horizontally by location on the screen. Our new favorite from the DLP warehouse can do that, and at a similar RRP as the Acer.

Top 5 Best Home Cinema Projectors in 2021
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