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TOP 8 Indoor Grills for 2021 – Best Activities in Lockdown

1. Philips HD6371/90

Our first place is the smoke-free Philips indoor grill HD6371 / 90 *, which uses infrared technology to ensure even heat distribution during grilling. This model prevents the drops from coming into contact with the heating element, reflecting the heat of the element towards the food. The cold drip tray collects fat or marinade and thus minimizes smoke. With a weight of approx. 5.6 kg, it is no problem to transport this grill and keep it if necessary.

This grill is easy to use and has a single switch with three settings: off, hot and keep warm. When grilling, the grill heats up to 223 ° C and remains at this temperature. This means that you can focus on roasting your dishes perfectly instead of worrying about temperature control. Cleaning is also very easy with the aluminum-coated grill and drip tray, which are easy to remove and dishwasher-safe. The aluminum-coated surface keeps the heat even and creates grill marks that you would achieve with a normal outdoor grill.

This smokeless grill has rubber feet so you don’t have to worry about it slipping. Note that there is also a grill accessory that provides constant rotation for perfectly roasted meat and vegetables.

2. Tefal TG 8000

The Tefal TG 8000 smoke-free indoor grill * offers 2 grill areas that can be heated separately to different temperatures. This model offers the versatility of a larger traditional grill on a smaller scale. Each grill area has an independent control switch that allows you to prepare various dishes without fear of over grilling or overcooking. The control panel enables warm, low, medium, high and golden temperatures with a range of 80 to 240 ° C. Each individual control panel has two temperature and operating control lights.

Edge-to-edge heating elements ensure that every centimeter of the surface of the non-stick grill is heated evenly and to the right temperature. While some smoke is expected due to the moisture dripping from the grill, most of it moves into the fat drip tray. Both the individual grill plates and the drip tray are removable and for quick and easy cleaning in a dishwasher. This smoke-free grill weighs only 4.2 kg and is light and portable. It is a great addition to camping.

3. KLARSTEIN Infragrill Elektrogrill

KLARSTEIN Infragrill Electric Grill *, another grill with advanced infrared technology, uses indirect infrared heat to achieve a uniform temperature across the entire grill surface. This ensures that there are no cold spots. The easily removable drip tray is protected from heat and stays cold enough to trap fat and marinades before they burn and develop smoke.

In contrast to the previous Philips grill, this smoke-free KLARSTEIN Infragrill electric grill * offers step-less temperature control. It offers the ideal temperature for indoor grilling and also fits the Philips model. This temperature is kept constant so you don’t have to worry about the grill getting hot or too cold. With a non-stick grill and an easily removable drip tray, the KLARSTEIN grill is easy to clean. This special model was also developed with safety in mind for indoor use.

4. Tefal GC3060

One of the lightest on our list, the Tefal GC3060 * weighs just over 4.1 kg. With 2000 watts, this grill is easy to transport and is perfect for grilling in a mobile home, in addition to the kitchen. Although it is smaller than some other indoor grills, it still offers a sufficient space of 19 × 31.5 cm grill area.

This grill is controlled by a switch and offers temperatures from 100 ° C to 240 ° C. This way you can control the temperature exactly, depending on what you’re grilling. In its hottest moment, the food gets a wonderful cold cut, like in a traditional barbecue. The heat retention and general taste of the food are enhanced by the supplied hood, which can be easily removed for cleaning.

The hood also prevents your worktops from splashing. The intelligently designed heating element is the surface of the grill and ensures even heat distribution. This reduces smoke through contact and fat or marinade is caught by the extra-large drip tray underneath. All removable parts are dishwasher safe and are easy to clean after use. This potentially portable grill is compact and easy to carry and is easy to store even when you don’t have a lot of storage space.

5. SEVERIN PG 2791 Barbecue-Grill

The Severin also pulls this out of the can and quickly turns it, i.e. in less than ten minutes, into a grill heat on the stainless steel grate that is literally high enough for domestic use.  It does not store the temperature as well as cast iron, but it is better passed on to the food to be grilled. Therefore (spoiler alert!) You can see devices like this in almost every food photo professional studio. Unfortunately, most of the grill books that appear in early summer have to be shot between November and January – and that is where you need the best possible branding strips on the sausages, skewers or salmon steaks. We can also roast all of this easily with the PG 2791.

The grill area is 41×26 centimeters a bit larger than most table grills, but for four or more people, space is quickly fought over. When we grill in pairs, we always stick on the practical metal sign. It means “wind protection”, but for us it protects the wooden tabletop from hot grease splashes.

6.Philips HD4467 / 90 health grill

The Philips HD4467 / 90 health grill is compact and robust, but the practical kitchen appliance does more: 2,000 watts slumber in this device. Because of the performance, users grill dishes even more intensely.

Two hot grilling plates intensify the heat during the grilling process. Three different grill positions are possible.

It is even possible to cook on this device when open, when closed, the heat is given off from two sides. Its lid offers a snap-in feature so that the top heat does not lie directly on the food to be grilled and takes the position of an oven.


7. Tefal Optigrill Plus XL GC722D

The Tefal Optigrill Plus XL looks like an American kitchen classic that knows how to roast burgers in a chord.

Grilling is supported by an ergonomic, firm handle on the top, with which the grill plate can be lowered.

A drip pan ensures that excess fat runs off immediately and does not stay inside the grill and leads to incrustations.

The Tefal Optigrill has an impressive 2,000 watts. In addition, nine different grilling levels are available, which make grilling more varied.

8. Steba VG200

The Steba VG200 * has a grill area of ​​40 x 29 cm and offers enough space to grill 6 large burgers or 3 ribs at the same time. The grill size alone makes this model one of the best models for grilling for a larger group. With a super non-stick coating, you can be sure that nothing will stick. No additional oils are required, which means a healthier end result.

This smokeless grill has a step-less temperature control that allows fully customizable heat settings and maintenance.

The precise temperature control enables an even heat distribution and the preparation of meals according to your wishes. The removable grill makes cleaning a breeze because it’s easy to rinse off.

This model is practically smoke-free. This slightly larger grill weighs around 6.2 kg and is always extremely portable when needed, although it takes up a little more space on the counter. With the tempered glass lid you can keep your work area free from splashes when grilling.

TOP 8 Indoor Grills for 2021 – Best Activities in Lockdown
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