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Top 5 Magical Moon Lamps in 2021 – The Best Gift for Everybody

1. LOGROTATE 16 Colors Moon Lamp

The lamp has 16 colors. Just put the light in a corner of the house, whether it’s the living room, bedroom, or study. You can create a dreamy and romantic environment for your home. In reality, it is perfect for various occasions such as a courtyard, dining table, paths, parties, etc. This is not only a fashionable home decoration lamp but also a small toy to belong to boredom. Since it’s heard about the sound control function when you hit your hands, the color will change and the sound will affect decibels. You can change the color of the lamp, just tap a light. With the practical remote control, you can easily control the light from below

The moon lamp creates a warm light violation in which you can stand up and take care of the baby. With its own wooden base and lampshade made of PVC environmental material, the perfect combination not only improves the enjoyment of the room.

3D printing technology using NASA satellite data in real-time. With the help of three-dimensional imaging technology, the moon was reduced, the shadow of the moon simulated, the crater clearly explained, and mountains realistic. Realistic full moon shape, novelty, and charm. It’s not just a lamp, it’s also a work of art.


The original moon lamp is a semi-transparent ball, the surface of which is modeled on the structure of the real moon. The light source (LED technology) is located inside the light ball. A built-in battery can be charged via a USB cable on the PC or with a suitable adapter at the socket.

One battery charge is enough for around 4 hours of light. Due to the simulated structured lunar landscape, the Moon Light ball lamp shines with particularly atmospheric light in the dark of the night and looks almost as beautiful as the real moon in the night sky.  Thanks to the special 3D surface structure, the moonlight appears brighter in some places and darker in others, which is reminiscent of the typical moon craters and moon hills.

Different light colors can be called up using the lamp’s color changer. By tapping or knocking on the moon lamp, you can switch between the light colors warm white, cold white, yellow, and dim the brightness of the lamp.


3. Mydethun Moon Lamp

The lamp made of fiberglass and latex in the shape of a moon. The light is created by means of an LED light bulb or halogen light bulb that is operated with a battery or cable. So Luna can shine almost anywhere. The effect of a moon is caused by the surface, which is darkened to different degrees and the slightly yellow glow. The lamp has really good reviews on Amazon.

The color scheme of the lamp is really wonderful. Whether cold or warm light, whether color or just bright – there is simply something for everyone. So the lamp really fits in every corner to provide the right light there. We had a child with us during our tests – they were fascinated by the incredibly detailed design of the lamp.

The light source is available in 7 different diameters from XXS (8 cm) to XXL (60 cm). Since the moon does not shine with the same strength every day, also freely dimmable. The only exception is the XXS version, where the luminosity cannot be adjusted and it is not designed for hanging, which is also the case with larger versions.


4. BRIGHTWORLD Moon Lamp Galaxy 

The color selection offers something for everyone. The sphere also looks good when it is not illuminated. It definitely fits in a children’s room, as a decoration in the living room it is not necessarily suitable in my opinion, but that is a matter of taste. You can change the colors by using the remote control or tapping the touch ring with your fingers.

The color modes are varied and so you can adapt the color to the current mood. The lamp has already caught some interesting looks. It is also great that you can adjust both the brightness of the lamp and the speed of the color change in the change mode! Great as a reading lamp or night lamp. Is not particularly bright, but it is pleasant and looks super nice. Without light, the moon has several colors, especially purple.

Charging via USB is also great! So no annoying changing of the batteries. The remote control is like the usual remote controls for mood lights.


5. Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp

An optical illusion? Magic? Are we dreaming None of the above? The patented design of the floating moon lamp uses electromagnetic force and results in a free-floating, rotating moon lamp with no cord attached. The lamp is really very nice and of great quality. The moon looks very real and has several colors that fit into the talking room. It takes a while to get it right or you are more skilled than me, but when you have done it you are very happy about the result.

Looks great and everyone takes a closer look first, so an eye-catcher. You can activate the color yellow, white, or alternating. The moon rotates permanently, so always … regardless of whether it is switched on or off. The lamp levitates quietly all night. 3d printed from a hires scan of the real moon. The moon is now just a tap away, using a simple soft key on/off switch, is bringing the magic of the universe into your home.

Imitating from the real moon gives the lifted moon a soft, white light, a calm, relaxed atmosphere. The perfect way to relax and sleep in peace. The best gift for family and friends and watch your jaw drop in astonishment, incredible belief, and confusion. Watching the levitating moons are sure to make you smile, bring a little piece of the universe into your home with this truly magical night light.

Top 5 Magical Moon Lamps in 2021 – The Best Gift for Everybody
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