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Top 5 Rabbit Playpen Reviews 2021

1. BestPet Pet Playpen

The rabbit cage for outdoors from BestPet has established itself as the best rabbit cage and thus the test winner.

This is a safe and easy-to-use outdoor enclosure that enables you to play rabbits and other rodents in the garden and graze when the weather is nice. Rabbits love fresh grass and air as well as a little sun, which is why they feel very comfortable in the airy enclosure.

The outdoor enclosure is ideal for all small animals up to a certain size. It is 230 x 115 x 70 cm in size and thus made for rabbits or chickens. Several animals can stay here at the same time. But keep in mind that there is always enough space.

The structure is very simple, additional earth spikes anchor the outbreak barrier on the sides optimally with the ground, so rabbits cannot dig themselves out. The grid spacing of 3 cm is also designed so that the small to medium-sized animals do not fit through. With very small rabbits, however, you should make sure that the head does not fit through the bars, otherwise, there is a risk of injury.

So that the enclosure can stand outside even on very warm summer days, it also has a cover on one side, under which the animals can move and seek shade. Other accessories, such as small houses to hide, are perfectly compatible here, but not yet included. Since the floor is open at the bottom, the enclosure is ideal for the lawn, but not necessarily suitable for indoors.

If you want to buy an escape-proof and high-quality rabbit cage for outdoors, this model is wonderfully suitable.


2. Living World Deluxe Habitat

The model from Living World has proven to be the best rabbit cage for indoor use. It comes in a classic and high-quality design and can be used in many different ways. In the test, the rabbit and guinea pig home prevailed and convinced with an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

As a particularly inexpensive rabbit cage, it also comes with optimal size to keep an animal in a species-appropriate manner. However, the cage is not designed for several animals, a maximum of two guinea pigs or one rabbit can be accommodated. The length of 119 cm also fits in any room and does not take up too much space. The stylish and timeless color combination of light gray and black fits wonderfully into any room ambiance. Thanks to the wire spacing of 20 mm, the animals are optimally protected and can neither break out nor stick their heads through the grids and injure themselves.

The high quality is made in Europe and is durable and long-lasting. The lower part made of plastic can easily be filled with straw and other scattering material and just as easily cleaned. The upper grille can be easily removed to remove and insert components.


3. Cool Runners Wire Xpen

A very affordable rabbit cage which is ideal as a large outdoor enclosure in the garden. With a diameter of 143 cm, it offers plenty of exercise for several animals at the same time. Whether rabbits, rabbits, chickens or guinea pigs and hamsters, every animal feels comfortable in it and can enjoy the sun and wind outdoors.

The model is not necessarily suitable for indoor use due to its size and open floor. Additional accessories such as small houses to hide or toys and nibbles as well as drinking bowls should also be purchased for use in the garden to create a small garden paradise for the beloved pets.

The eight fence elements, each with a size of 57 x 57 cm, are easy to assemble; at the bottom they are simply anchored to the ground with earth spikes. This means that the rabbit cage can be quickly assembled and disassembled – even if it needs to be moved. The galvanized material is robust and weatherproof, so you get a very long-lasting cage that can go with everything. The large door on the side makes it easy to reach inside and remove or insert the animal. The net on the top ensures that the cheeky rodents don’t jump out. Sun protection is also integrated here, which provides enough shade on hot days.


4. Trixie Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run

The small animal stall by Trixie is a little more expensive, but with many extras and in very high quality. Since the rabbit cage is made of wood or pine, it is extremely weather-resistant.

The roof is also covered with rainproof roofing paper so that rabbits and other small animals can be kept outdoors all year round. Unfortunately, the wood is not robust enough and must be handled with care, especially when setting up. There should have been a little more for the price.

Since the rabbit cage is two-story and very large, it is particularly suitable for outdoors. It takes up too much space in the apartment or house. The floor is also open and is best placed on a lawn so that the rodents can enjoy the fresh grass. A ramp connects the lower part with the upper part, so the animals can change floors as they please. The roof can be removed and the large doors also make it easy to remove useful and domestic animals.


5. Ferplast Rabbit Cage

The 2-tier rabbit cage is again a classic model, which is also ideal for interiors and yet offers plenty of space for rodents. The handy and space-saving model offers a ramp that connects the lower and the upper part.

There is also a lot of accessories, such as another wooden floor, two wooden ladders, and a hay rack. Only drinking vessels for clamping have to be bought, unfortunately. The animals, like litter or feed and water, can be easily removed or put in through the flaps. The color combination is subtle and timeless, but the model with its high plastic content is not for everyone.

The construction itself could also be better thought out – the animals do not like to use the small stairs and even risk falling down. You would have to try what is possible at the price.




Top 5 Rabbit Playpen Reviews 2021
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