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5 Best Smart Scale in 2021 – Which You Can Trust

1. Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale

We particularly recommend the Fitbit Aria 2 WiFi scale to people who already measure their sporting activities with a Fitbit fitness tracker. Thanks to Fitbit Aria 2, you can then receive information about your body mass index, muscle mass, body fat percentage, and weight with just one app. In combination with a compatible fitness tracker, z. B. steps are taken and their impact on successes clearly understandable. This increases the number of functions. Clear statistics, which show progress in understandable diagrams, are almost standard.

If you want, choose the Fitbit scale for the Fitbit community and become part of it. We particularly liked an extra in the Fitbit app (Android | iOS) in the test overview of the Aria 2: The food can also be checked and entered in the app and supplements the values ​​of the scales.

With a footprint of 31 x 31 centimeters, Aria 2 offers a little more space than the previously described body scales for less than 50 euros. One thing they have in common is the analysis of body values because the electronic impulse that cannot be felt only flows through the legs. In addition to weight, Fitbit Aria 2 also determines the body mass index, lean mass, and body fat percentage.


2. Medisana 40422 BS430 Body Analysis Smart Scale

The Medisana BS 444 body scale is a recommendation for everyone who wants numerous functions at an affordable price. In the test overview of the Medisana BS 444, we particularly liked the simple setup and use. Interested parties can save up to eight profiles and the manufacturer promises compliance with data protection conditions. This is a plus point for sensitive data such as weight or other body values.

The Medisana device also shares a fate with most smart scales: the connection between the weight meter and the smartphone has to be re-synchronized after a while, often after a few days. However, all functions can also be carried out without exchanging data with mobile devices. Users who showed sufficient patience were ultimately mostly satisfied with the BS 430. The scale was also praised for its elegant design in reviews and test reports. According to the manufacturer, the device can also be connected to Apple Health.

With the Medisana BS 444 scale, those interested receive a tried and tested model that is similar to other personal scales under 50 euros in terms of its footprint. Etekcity ESF 37 and Beurer BG 13 also offer a footprint of 30 x 30 centimeters. The experts from computerbild.de voted this model the price-performance winner in their bathroom scale test comparison.


3. Withings Body+ – Smart Body Scale

During the daily weighing, the weight, heart rate, muscle mass, number of steps, body fat percentage, and total body water percentage are shown one after the other on the display of the scale. In addition, a small weather forecast with temperature and sunshine in the morning and afternoon is displayed – so you know immediately how warm you have to dress. The display can be adjusted as you like, so you can only display the values ​​that interest you and you can also change the order of the displayed values. The app can be used to control the display on the scale; a click on “Steps” then shows the number of steps on the scale.

The Withings Body + is connected to the WiFi via the app. The app called Health Mate guides you very well through the initial installation. The presentation of the measured values ​​is exemplary. In the overview you can see the current measurement data from the last few days if you tap on an entry, diagrams appear with the measurement results over time. Here you can zoom in and out as you wish and display the measurement data for individual days.

Up to eight user profiles can be created via the app. The scales usually automatically recognize who is weighing themselves based on their weight and automatically assign the measurement results to the correct profile. If the measurement results of two people are too close to each other, the scale will display the two possible profile names. The correct profile is selected simply by taking one foot off the scale and loading only one side.


4. RENPHO Body Fat Smart Scale

What we particularly like about the RENPHO scale is its precise measurement in 50-gram increments, the high level of compatibility with other fitness devices, and the ability to create unlimited user accounts. The number is limited for all other test comparison scales.

In addition to the manufacturer’s own RENPHO app (Android | iOS), these bathroom scales are compatible with Samsung Health, Fitbit, Google Fit, and Apple Health. This means that all fitness fans who already have a suitable wearable should enjoy the RENPHO bathroom scales. Particularly practical: Information collected from fitness trackers and the like is summarized in the app and provides more detailed information about the progression of weight loss and gain.

Compared to the other bathroom scales, however, RENPHO offers the smallest footprint at just 26 x 26 centimeters. All others are about 30 x 30 centimeters and guarantee an even more secure hold. In our test overview, RENPHO convinces with its simple operation, the low purchase price, and numerous measurement data. A total of 13 in number. These include body weight, body fat, water, skeletal muscles, and body mass index.


5. Etekcity Smart Scale ESF37

The Etekcity ESF37 offers a lot for little money: It has a large display and measures reliably. The app shows you a lot of values and it is also nice and big so that there is enough space for bigger feet. Batteries and a tape measure are included. We like their design and workmanship and all of this is really unbeatable for the price.

It connects to the VeSync app, which we really like. Info in advance: You always have to open it before the values are saved. The app gives color feedback so that the measured values can be classified. Good values are marked in green, values that are too high in orange, and values that are too low in blue. You can understand this by clicking on the value – there is also more precise information about how far you are from the normal range or where you are within the normal range. In addition to a mailbox, there is also the option of connecting the scale to Alexa or Google Assistant, unfortunately, Apple Health is not supported.

The scales are white and, like most models, have metal elements on the surface. At 30 x 30 centimeters, it is nice and large, so that there is also room for large men’s feet. We also love the large, easy-to-read display. The large white numbers are clearly visible on a blue background – even people with slight visual impairment can still see this clearly. If you are looking for a cheap, smart scale and can live with the fact that you have to start the app first before the measurements are saved, you can take a look at the Etekcity ESF37.

5 Best Smart Scale in 2021 – Which You Can Trust
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