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5 Best Smoothie Makers in 2021

1. Willsence Blender 2-in-1 Smoothie Maker

While most smoothie makers from other leading manufacturers only have 300 watts to offer, the Willsence Smoothie Maker can impress you with its impressive 700 watts. This means that your smoothies can be pureed even more finely, which contributes to a particularly intense taste experience. Whether you want to prepare marinades, shakes, pestos, dips, or salad dressings, this practical stand mixer can be used in many ways.

The smoothie maker can do a full 24,000 revolutions per minute. In just 20 seconds you can conjure up some delicious drinks out of fruit and vegetables. The 1-button operation is very simple and has therefore also proven itself in practice. Even if things have to be quick in the morning, this mixer is very easy to use. The practical drinking bottle, which of course is part of the original scope of delivery of the mixer, has been processed BPA-free in the interests of your health.

This means you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals getting into your drinks via the mixer. The mixer’s intelligent safety system ensures that it switches off automatically as soon as there is a risk of overheating. The 2-year product guarantee also ensures that you can order this mixer with a clear conscience. The black and silver mixer weighs 1.3 kilograms.


2. Homgeek Personal Mini Blender Smoothie Maker

The Homgeek Smoothie Maker is also delivered to you with two practical drinking bottles, which of course are BPA-free, so you don’t have to worry about harmful substances in your freshly prepared smoothies. With an output of a solid 350 watts, the compact, modern stand mixer achieves around 23,000 revolutions per minute. This means you can prepare healthy juices and smoothies in no time. The 0.6-liter drinking bottles of the mini mixer can of course be conveniently put in the dishwasher for cleaning. Two plastic lids with a large, lockable opening and a practical handle are also included so that you can comfortably enjoy your fresh smoothies on the go.

Four high-quality stainless steel knives ensure a particularly finely pureed result when mixing. In addition, the knife is just as easy to clean as the drinking bottles themselves. The compact mixer weighs 1.25 kilograms. The Tritan drinking bottles were of course provided with a measuring scale. The fact that the manufacturer has really thought of every little detail with this smoothie maker is shown by the easily understandable operating instructions, which are an integral part of the original scope of delivery. Whether you want to mix juices or a protein shake, this mixer is at your side.

The base of the Homgeek Smoothie Maker has non-slip, solid feet. So you don’t have to worry about your device slipping or even tilting during the mixing process. Of course, you can conveniently stow the practical drinking bottles, which are delivered to you together with the Homgeek Smoothie Maker, in your bicycle or car drink holder. This means that you can enjoy your chilled favorite drink in comfort on the go. This is possible because the blender’s drinking bottles have the usual standard dimensions. It usually doesn’t take more than 20 to 30 seconds to prepare your smoothie to perfection. Simply press the one-touch control button and you’re ready to go.


3. AICOOK Smoothie Blender

The visually appealing Aicook Smoothie Maker will be delivered to you with lots of useful accessories and a powerful 900-watt motor. At 28,000 revolutions per minute, the various ingredients can be mixed thoroughly and pureed until they are creamy. You can easily prepare juices, smoothies, or delicious ice cream from a wide variety of fruit and vegetables as well as the required portion of crushed ice.

In addition, your new smoothie maker is extremely easy to use. After all, the push of a button is completely sufficient. Except for the motor base, all other parts of the smoothie maker are also dishwasher-safe, so that cleaning the mixer is extremely easy. The 2-year manufacturer guarantee confirms that the manufacturer is thoroughly convinced of the quality of his product. If you have any questions, simply contact customer service, who will be happy to help you.

In view of the large scope of delivery, the package weight of your new mixer set is 3.5 kilograms. The 6-blade stainless steel knife is one of the other special features. After all, you can puree your smoothies even more finely. Of course, the manufacturer has also thought of the necessary overheating protection. The BPA-free processing of the supplied drinking bottles can also be guaranteed.


4. Fochea 3 In 1 Smoothie Shake Blender

The Fochea stand mixer is a powerful 3-in-1 device with an impressive output of 700 watts. After all, you can use the noble stand mixer in black and silver not only as a smoothie maker but also for grinding coffee beans or nuts. A compact container is supplied for this purpose. A drinking bottle with a capacity of 570 milliliters is of course included in the original scope of delivery of the mixer.

Whether you want to prepare sauces, soups, pesto, or fresh smoothies yourself, with this mixer you have a wide range of options. Four sharp knife blades made of stainless steel make a decisive contribution to the excellent pureeing result. The powerful motor does at least 24,000 revolutions per minute.

Of course, high safety standards were also taken into account with the supplied drinking bottle. The drinking cup was processed free of harmful BPA and can be easily cleaned in the domestic dishwasher if necessary. You can also benefit from the tasteless and odorless processing of the cup so that you do not have to accept any changes in the taste of your finished smoothies.


5. Decen Smoothie Blender

The Decen blender can provide stable performance with its 300-watt motor. The pure copper motor also ensures that this smoothie maker is a very durable device. So that your mixer is absolutely stable during the mixing and pureeing process, special suction feet have been attached to the underside of the mixer. The titanium coating of the golden blades makes them significantly harder than is the case with many models of the competition. Compared to normal blades, which are mostly made of stainless steel, you can assume a better mixing result.

If you buy this mixer, you can benefit from not just one, but two practical mixing bottles. These were made of high-quality Tritan so that you can adjust to the BPA-free quality. Lockable lids for the two bottles are also included in the original scope of delivery so that the cups can be easily taken with you to school, university, or workplace as well as to the gym.

The practical drinking bottles were also made dishwasher-safe. The capacity per bottle is 600 milliliters. In the interests of the longest possible longevity, the visually appealing mixer in black and silver has been equipped with special overheating and overload protection. You can also make use of the 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee. The mixer itself weighs 1.25 kilograms. The interlock safety system has also proven itself in practice.

5 Best Smoothie Makers in 2021
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