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Top 5 Turkish Towels for Bath, Hamam and Beach

Hammam towels are currently the trend – and rightly so. In every lifestyle magazine, you can currently find the Turkish cotton cloth with fringes and the cloth is also a permanent guest in the bathroom or on the beach. Was it actually a hammam towel and how did it find its way from Turkey to Western Europe? We have got to know the history of the Turkish bath towel and now know what made hammam towels so popular.


1. WETCAT Original Turkish Beach Towel

Pleasantly soft on the skin and extra absorbent, this is how the WETCAT beach and hammam towel sterlingcolor spoils you.

The striking block stripes give this cloth an attractive, modern look!

The material mix of cotton and synthetic fibers makes the towel a practical and quick-drying companion.

On the lower side, it scores with monochrome, absorbent terry toweling, while the upper side convinces as an optical eye-catcher with a striped look and with woven fabric.




2. Paradise Series Turkish Bath Towels

Airtrade Hamam towel from the finest absorbent cotton. Authentically hand-woven on traditional looms in rural. This special weaving and cotton ensure maximum absorption. Working in partnership with the local weaving mills is very important to us.

EASY AND FAST DRYING. It is really compact and fits in any luggage. The towel dries quickly when wet. And all because of its special way of weaving and the cotton used.

PRACTICAL & VERSATILE. Fouta or Hammam towels (also known as Turkish towels) can be used as a bath towel, beach towel, and sauna towel. Smart for traveling with a backpack. But also as a pareo, sarong, tablecloth, picnic blankets and much more. A perfect towel for the trip. You can wash your cloth at 30 ° C. Please do not put in the tumble dryer, otherwise the cloth can shrink by approx. 5%.



3. Carenesse Sultan Hamam Pestemal Turkish Towel

The Sultan hammam towels from CARENESSE are the lightweights among the hammam towels and masters of versatility.
Hammam and sauna, as sun protection, shoulder scarf, or pareo, as a bed cover or fashionable scarf. Rolled up, they take up almost no space and fit in almost any (hand) pocket. Finishes with selvages and hand-knotted fringes.
Thanks to the prewash, the cloths are pleasantly soft and almost no longer come in when properly washed.
Material & Care: 100% cotton, washable up to 40 ° C, no dryer.


4. Hand Face Turkish Towel Pestemal 

Use the extra light but absorbent towel perfect for the beach as a pareo, bath towel for babies, light blanket in summer, sauna towel, or as a wonderful picnic blanket.
Due to the perfect size of approx. 95×175 cm you have enough space to snuggle up. The extra-large towel is great for the beach because there is no sand.

Packed quickly, the pleasant beach towel hardly takes up space due to its weight of approx. 230 g / sqm. Choose between the color stripes, beige and white stripes, light blue and white stripes, or blue and white stripes.
The absorbent beach towel is made of 100% cotton. Due to the material used, the shower towel is extra absorbent and easily absorbs liquids. The beautiful beach sheet can be washed at up to 60 ° C and is also suitable for tumble drying. The sauna towel was also tested for harmful substances in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 – test number 58307 OETI.



5. Realgrandbazaar Pestemal Turkish Towel

Maximum quality – 100% pure Turkish cotton, bath towel, many bright colors, dyed to live colors for years. An easy way to freshen up your bathroom decor and you can freshen up your home every day for a bathing experience.
Light and small space: it rolls up well to pack and start. Ideal for the beach, swimming pool, spa, sauna, gym, yoga, travel, camping, and picnics.

It has less storage space and takes up about a quarter of the space with traditional plush towels. You can easily put it on small bathroom showcases or wall hooks.

Fast-drying: dries faster with both air and dryer (about 20 minutes at low temperature compared to 60 minutes with high terry towels). The new perfect beach towel, so put your heavy towel covered in sand and improve your summer. The Turkish towel family fits perfectly in the bathroom and outdoors. It can be used on the beach, at home, on the go and the possibilities are endless.
Size and material: Made in Turkey 39 x 69 x 0.08 inches (100 x 175 x 0.2 cm), 9.6 ounces (270 grams) of pure cotton.

Top 5 Turkish Towels for Bath, Hamam and Beach
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