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The Best Guitar Brands in 2021

The guitar is one of the most used instruments in today’s world. In addition to being a basic instrument, it draws attention to its unique voice and sound. Due to such high demand, dozens of different guitar brands are producing various guitars. As is known, there are many guitar manufacturers in the world. Therefore, individuals who want to choose a guitar; It has hesitations about which guitar brand to prefer. In this text, we will provide information about the most successful guitar brands in the market. The best guitar brands are as follows:


1. Yamaha

Among the best guitar brands, Yamaha should undoubtedly. Yamaha is a brand known for the various instruments it has produced for the music world for decades. Yamaha is known not only for producing guitars but also for producing percussion and wind instruments. Yamaha, which produces guitar types such as Bass guitar, Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, and Classical guitar, has guitars suitable for all beginner and advanced music lovers. Today, although beginners often prefer Yamaha, the brand has many professional guitar models.

Another important feature of Yamaha is that there are guitar types suitable for every budget. It is useful to know that the varieties of Yamaha guitars that have entered the country in dollars due to the lack of a domestic brand have recently increased. However, we can easily say that it is a brand that will never regret its user. You can also choose mid-level Yamaha signed guitars with peace of mind.



2. Gibson

Gibson should undoubtedly be at the top of the list of the best guitar brands. Gibson is one of the brands established in the United States that ship their guitars around the world. In addition to producing guitars based on world standards, it has a unique keyboard comfort. It made its name known to the whole world with the LES PAUL, which is produced in the 1950s and is in an enormous position today. All Gibson signed guitars are not fabricated. It is fully produced by strong and experienced workers. It is worth remembering that these workers are musicians besides just performing the necessary tasks.

Gibson today produces electric guitars and acoustic guitars. It is not involved in the production of classical and bass guitars. It presents a unique sound to its user with its acoustic guitar models. Electric guitar production is a very successful point. In short, Gibson is one of the most successful guitar brands on the market. However, it is useful to know that it also travels in the highest scales at the price point. Professional musicians are the ones who need a Gibson brand. For a beginner, Gibson won’t be a healthy decision.




3. Fender

Fender is one of the most preferred guitar brands in today’s music world. Having its own guitar design, the brand is also known for producing quality and long-lasting guitars. Today, Fender produces Bass guitar, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, and Classical guitar. However, we can say that the most successful area among these 4 guitar models is undoubtedly the electric guitar. With its electric guitar sound and the unique keyboard comfort it brings, we can say that it can be the right choice for metal and rock lovers.

Like the Gibson brand, Fender is based in America. However, we can say that it is more affordable than Gibson at the price point. Fender signed guitar models are suitable for every budget. While the brand has a $ 5 thousand guitar type, a $ 200 guitar model can also be found. Fender, which is often preferred by musicians, maybe the right choice for individuals who are just starting to play the guitar or who want to provide a top model.


4. Takamine

A Japan-based brand is also included in the list of best guitar brands. Takamine emerges as one of the companies making unique productions on acoustic guitar and electric guitar. However, we can say that it is very popular in the world. We can say that professional musicians can choose acoustic guitar models with peace of mind.

We can say that Takamine is also high at its price point. It manufactures guitars that will not be suitable for every budget. However, it is useful to know that the brand’s price is high and it deserves its performance. It offers a unique keyboard experience, sound, and tuning control mechanism to its users. In addition to these, its tonality is also quite appropriate.




5. Ibanez

Another stop on our list of the best guitar brands in the Ibanez brand. Today, Ibanez appears as one of the brands that produce on many guitar models. It draws attention due to the unique keyboard comfort of Ibanez and its instruments made from aged wood. We can say that the fact that all brand manufacturers are instrumentalists is another important advantage. Although Ibanez manufactures many types of guitars today, it is very popular with electric guitars. It is a brand that beginners can easily choose.

Although Ibanez serves newcomers, it is useful to know that it has professional and high-level electric guitar models. We can say that it is a brand that appeals to every budget in terms of price. However, it is not sold at the most affordable prices. It is worth noting that the most affordable guitar price of the brand is between $ 200 and $ 250.




6. Martin

Martin emerges as one of the brands that have their own guitar models. It attracts attention especially with its acoustic guitar and classical guitar models. Martin has a unique sound structure. The products of the brand are worth saying that there are rare in Turkey.

Since the products are made in Mexico, they are scarce nowadays. It is quite possible to feel Blues and Jazz tones with the guitar. It can also provide great comfort with its keyboard and bridge designs.



The Best Guitar Brands in 2021
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