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5 Best Vibrating Plates for Indoor Sport – 2021 Guide

1. Lifeplate 7.0

The Lifeplate device, which is suitable for both professional and private use, was the best vibration plate. In terms of price, it is in the upper range and is therefore out of the ordinary for many private users, but convinced with its excellent workmanship and functionality.

The entire fitness device has a size of 127 x 89 x 154.5 centimeters and offers a 3D vibration plate that supports muscle building in a way that is gentle on the joints. The small plate stroke (1-2 mm at a low setting and 3-4mm at a high setting) can be set precisely and the powerful AC motor with an output of 350 watts ensures the necessary implementation. Despite extensive setting options through the two control units in the upper area and on the handlebar, the control remains intuitive and easy to use, so that both beginners and professionals get along equally well with the device without having to study the instructions for a long time. The model works with a frequency range between 15 and 60 Hz and can be controlled simply and easily using ten quick selection buttons and four fixed programs. The damping system (4-DCF) also proved to be particularly positive in the test, which ensures that you can use the device in living rooms without problems, without disturbing parties living among you.

With a size of 74 x 53 cm, the training area is sufficiently large and can also be used up to a user weight of 180 kg. The high resilience results from the high-quality construction made of plastic, fiberglass and the steel frame, which makes the device particularly durable. Overall, the model offers a good hold when standing and also everything you can expect from a high-quality power plate. The only pity is that no training bands are included. However, you also have to be willing to dig deeper into your pocket than for simple entry-level models.

Among the best vibratory plates of 2020, the Lifeplate model ultimately deservedly came out on top, even if it is not for everyone. If you are still undecided about whether the purchase is worthwhile for you, comparing the advantages and disadvantages may help you.


2. Klarfit Goodvibe 

The 68.5 x 120 x 75 centimeter model from Klarfit offers a training area of ​​53 x 37 centimeters, works with an output of 500 watts and can be loaded up to a weight of 120 kilograms. The integrated training computer also provides information about values ​​such as the current heart rate and the running time and it can be conveniently selected from three preset programs and the manual mode.

The speed is finely adjustable in 100 steps and can, therefore, be ideally adapted to the needs. Thanks to the clear display and the six function keys, control is extremely easy. For an easy change of location of the 30-kilogram device, floor rollers are installed, which allow the entire training device to be pushed. In addition, thanks to the flexible fitness bands, you can perform more complex workouts that help tighten the skin and connective tissue.

The dampened feet are low-vibration and not only protect sensitive floors from damage, but also ensure the compensation of unevenness and the reduction of vibration transmission to the floor. Overall, the device is convincing all along the line, because it offers an excellent price-performance ratio and only showed weaknesses in terms of assembly and overall resilience when compared directly with high-end devices. However, the model is fully recommended for private use.

If you are not yet sure whether the purchase of the Klarfit device is worthwhile for you, the summary of the advantages and disadvantages may help you.

3. Skandika Home Vibration Plate 500

The Skandika model is a compact plate without a frame and holder, on which you can stand freely. The advantage of this is certainly the very compact design, the low weight of only around 14 kilograms so that the device does not permanently take up much space. The load capacity of 120 kilograms is very good despite the compact design and thanks to the simple control including compact remote control you can use four preset programs and at the same time make manual settings to match the intensity exactly to your needs. In addition, the training straps can be individually adjusted to ideally adapt to the overall training concept.

The overall processing of the training device was convincing all along the line and it works with a powerful triaxial vibration, which is excellently transferred to the stable and non-slip training surface without being transferred too much to the ground since the damping is excellent. The scope of delivery also includes a clear and very good exercise poster on which 25 sensible and effective exercises for imitation are shown. The device is particularly suitable for home use and has only a few weaknesses. The rather high volume and the relatively poor instructions had a negative effect in the test. The processing of the remote control could have been a bit higher. In addition, the power supply is quite short, so that you need an extension cable depending on the installation location. Nevertheless, the bottom line is that the device is convincing and is highly recommended.

Whether the purchase of the compact model is worthwhile for you depends, of course, on your requirements. In the following you will once again get a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the vibration plate from Skandika.


4. Tec+ Crazy Fit Massage

The vibration plate from tec + is a complete device including a well-designed handlebar with heart rate monitor, vibration plate, large control unit and fitness bands for performing various exercises. You can choose from four preset programs for the model and additionally vary and adjust the speed in 50 steps as required. The bottom line is that the engine works very quietly and in conjunction with the low price, the overall price-performance ratio is very good.

The maximum load capacity is very good at 150 kg and thanks to the control panel with LED display, the operation is very easy and convenient. The various values ​​and settings (program selection, speed, time and pulse) can be read on three displays and thanks to the German operating instructions, both assembly and handling are very easy. Overall, the model is very solid, if a little easier to process than more expensive competitor models.

But it is absolutely sufficient for home training. Note that the identical model is sometimes sold under different labels at significantly higher prices. If you choose this variant, you should stay away from other, more expensive versions, because the price is as it is at Tec + is absolutely reasonable and fair.

If you are still unsure whether the purchase of the Tec + model is worthwhile for you, comparing the strengths and weaknesses may help you in your purchase decision.


5. Tecnovita by BH Vibrobalance Yv12

As a cheap vibration plate, the model from Tecnovita still offers everything you need for training at home. The vibration trainer works with 20 intensity levels and can be freely set to a time interval between one and 20 minutes. The frequency is between 5 and 20 Hz with a power of 200 watts, which is still sufficient for most exercises and effects.

Operation is pleasantly simple, as it has an additional remote control in addition to the main control unit so that you do not have to make the settings on the bottom of the plate. Since the model is very compact and handy, it does not offer a way to hold on but is used free-standing. Thanks to the practical telescopic pull-out handle, it is easy to move and can also be used while sitting at the desk.

The bottom line is the processing is solid and the functions are absolutely sufficient for most exercises. Fitness bands are not included in the scope of delivery, so the total number of exercises is somewhat limited. However, the price-performance ratio is reasonable and good, so the device is definitely worth it for use at home.

If you are still not sure whether the purchase of the compact vibration plate from Tecnovita is worthwhile for you, comparing the strengths and weaknesses of the model may help you further.

5 Best Vibrating Plates for Indoor Sport – 2021 Guide
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