10 Best Vacuum Cleaners for 2021

1. Philips PowerPro Compact vacuum cleaner without bag and with PowerCyclone-5 technology to separate dust and air

The Philips PowerPro Compact is a bagless vacuum cleaner with an output of 650 watts, a dust volume of 1.5 liters and numerous brushes for different floors. According to the manufacturer, the integrated PowerCyclone 5 technology promises that the vacuum cleaner will separate the dust from the air in one pass, which has a positive effect on energy efficiency and cleaning performance. The technology is intended to reduce air resistance. The 3-in-1 TriActive nozzle can remove coarse and fine dirt.

If you are looking for a powerful vacuum cleaner, the Philips PowerPro Compact is a suitable model. According to user reviews at Amazon, the vacuum cleaner scores with its ergonomically adjustable handle. The Active Lock system promises an uncomplicated installation: The vacuum cleaner nozzles are simply plugged on and snap into each other. With a weight of 4.5 kilograms, the model of energy efficiency class A should not pose any difficulties.

Thanks to HEPA filtering, Philips says that little dust is released back into the air to make cleaning more thorough. The PowerPro Compact also has an automatic empty function. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, you should clean the engine filter and engine inlet filter every three months. After about a year, you will need to replace the exhaust filter, which you can get from Philips.


2. Bosch MoveOn Mini BGL25A100 vacuum cleaner with bag – compact, handy design

The MoveOn cylinder vacuum cleaner with energy efficiency class A offers a long-lasting cleaning performance, according to the manufacturer. The model has the PowerProtect system from Bosch, which is to ensure good dust absorption and cleaning performance, even if the bag is heavily filled.

Also, the integrated vacuum cleaner bag has a particularly large volume. Compared to other models, the bag does not have to be replaced as often and thus saves costs. When purchasing new vacuum cleaner bags, you can also rely on third-party manufacturers, according to Bosch.


3. The Siemens Q5.0 extreme silencePower VSQ5X1230 vacuum cleaner with bag and flat suction nozzles

The Siemens Q5.0 extreme silencePower VSQ5X1230 vacuum cleaner has a bag and a high-performance filter. The dust bag volume is four liters. The 850 watt model of energy class B can absorb more dust than other vacuum cleaners in this comparison.

According to the manufacturer, the Silence Power offers good suction power and works with 70 decibels significantly quieter than comparable models. Thanks to Compressor Technology, Siemens promises thorough cleaning performance. The scope of delivery includes a crevice nozzle and an upholstery nozzle with which you can clean your upholstered furniture. This is ensured by a SilentClean premium nozzle, which you can easily connect to the suction pipe using a clip. This model also has so-called soft bumper protection.


4. Miele S 8340 PowerLine vacuum cleaner with bag and practical locking system

According to the manufacturer, the S 8340 PowerLine vacuum cleaner of energy class C consumes 34.3-kilowatt-hours per year. With this model, Miele uses a foot control and a parking system. It is said to be able to remove dirt and dust within a 12-meter radius. You can optionally order the Miele S 8340 PowerLine with the dust bags HyClean 3D. The locking system is particularly practical to let the nozzle, the handle and the suction pipe snap into place with an audible click. This ensures high stability.

A three-part accessory is included in the scope of delivery of the cylinder vacuum cleaner. The suction levels and the matching floor coverings are located on the footswitch and the ON / OFF switch. How to choose the correct suction strength for carpets or parquet floors. The capacity of the bag vacuum cleaner is 4.5 liters with an output of 890 watts.


5. Clatronic BS 1300 vacuum cleaner – simple vacuum cleaner model with bag

The Clatronic BS 1300 is a simple and compact vacuum cleaner with a stainless steel telescopic tube that can be used flexibly. It is particularly practical that the supplied floor brush can be switched. According to Clatronic, a combined brush and crevice nozzle is included.

The Clatronic BS 1300 is operated with a bag and offers a maximum output of 700 watts. Depending on the degree of pollution, this device reaches a volume of up to 82 decibels. The manufacturer also installs a special microfilter that is said to be well suited for allergy sufferers. In addition to a practical dust level indicator, this household appliance supports an automatic winding function for the power cable to make it easier to use.

6. Kärcher DS 6 vacuum cleaner with water filter and a large selection of nozzles

With the DS 6 vacuum cleaner, Kärcher promises 99 percent dust-free exhaust air for a pleasant indoor climate. Conventional vacuum cleaners have a bag with an integrated filter – Kärcher, on the other hand, equips the DS 6 with a water filter that swirls the dirt at a very high speed. Via the nozzle, you suck the dirt particles through the hose into the interior of the vacuum cleaner, where they are filtered out of the air by the swirl of water and bound with the water. According to the manufacturer, this gives you the opportunity to vacuum the floor and improve the air quality throughout the house.

The selection of nozzles at Kärcher

The Kärcher DS 6 vacuum cleaner sucks with 650 watts and weighs 9.5 kilograms. The manufacturer specifies the noise level as 79.2 decibels when sucking.

The scope of delivery includes numerous accessories:

-Telescopic suction pipe
-Dry suction nozzle
-Crevice nozzle
-Upholstery nozzle
-HEPA filter
-Motor protection filter

You can store the accessories directly on the device so that none of the nozzles are lost. There is also a practical parking function: you can park the vacuum cleaner in the corner without tipping it over. According to the manufacturer, a multi-stage filter system with a removable water filter is installed in this model. Kärcher also combines the tried-and-tested functions of the DS 6, such as an automatic cable winder, a powerful filter and an adjustable telescopic rod.


7. Rowenta RO3731EA Compact Power Cyclonic vacuum cleaner without bag

The Rowenta RO3731EA Compact Power Cyclonic is a bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner with an output of 750 watts. The device has energy efficiency class A and, according to the manufacturer, a highly efficient filter and an Effitech motor. This unit should be durable and as powerful as other vacuum cleaners with an output of 2,000 watts. Rowenta puts the noise level at 79 decibels.

Amazon customers praise the Rowenta RO3731EA for the comfortable handling in their reviews. It mainly concerns the simple emptying of the dust container. Since you do not have to buy any more filters, there are no follow-up costs. The manufacturer relies on so-called mono-cyclone technology. It is an air-dust separation that takes place via the integrated cyclone. It should be easy to remove and clean.


8. MEIYOU vacuum cleaner without bag

The MEIYOU vacuum cleaner without a bag was rated positively by Amazon. The technical data promise flexible to use, and you can also use this model as a handheld vacuum cleaner without a bag.

The power is 600 watts. There is also a filter system to capture the finest dirt and dust particles. This property is particularly important for allergy sufferers.

According to the manufacturer, the volume of the container is 0.8 liters. This vacuum cleaner has an energy efficiency class A.



9. AEG VX6-2-IW-5 vacuum cleaner with movable rollers

The VX6-2-IW-5 vacuum cleaner has an innovative ventilation system and, according to AEG, achieves a thorough suction result. The model has energy efficiency class A and has an output of 800 watts. Five dust bags are included. The integrated hygiene filter E12 is designed to filter tiny particles such as pollen or spores from the air, which is important for allergy sufferers. AEG relies on 360-degree motion technology rollers that are intended to make the vacuum cleaner with a bag more maneuverable.

In terms of total weight, this model is 4.26 kilograms in the middle of the vacuum cleaners. The device has an operating radius of nine meters for normal requirements. According to AEG, AEG has improved the air duct system, which should be reflected in a thorough dust pick-up. At the same time, the vacuum cleaner uses 60 percent less electricity than comparable devices with a significantly higher output of 2,200 watts.

The soft softs are supposed to protect sensitive floors without neglecting cleaning performance. The upholstery nozzle and crevice nozzle can be attached to the handle. The vacuum cleaner bag holds 3.5 liters for more efficiency. You have the option of continuously regulating the suction power and adapting it to your home.

10. Dyson V8 – the gadget cyclone vacuum cleaner without a bag in a modern design

Dyson is one of the top dogs among vacuum cleaners. According to the manufacturer, the V8 rod vacuum cleaner combines the convenience of a bagless and cordless vacuum cleaner with three electric brushes and a direct drive. The battery operation should pay off in a large sphere of activity. They put the individual components together and vacuum the walls and floor. The manufacturer puts the weight at two kilograms, so the suction cup should be light in your hand. With the Tier Radial Cyclone technology, the V8 filters the dust particles from the air. Two rows of cyclones work at the same time and should ensure good suction results.

The electric brush is equipped with a direct drive. Their solid carbon fibers are said to draw dust from carpets. There is also an electric brush with a soft roller. The soft nylon picks up the fine dirt from the floor and is said to be particularly suitable for hard floors. According to Dyson, a post-motor filter pulls the fine dust particles out of the air and ensures clean exhaust air. This makes the device a sensible alternative even for allergy sufferers. The manufacturer supplies a suitable wall bracket for your own home so that the vacuum cleaner does not have to be in the way. With efficient filtration, the producer wants to make the handling and cleaning of the containers cleaner.

10 Best Vacuum Cleaners for 2021
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