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The Top 9 Yoga Mat in 2021 [Yoga Master Review]

1. Lotuscrafts Oeko

Lotuscrafts uses a 2-layer technique for the mat, which ensures that the joints are sufficiently protected during the exercises. Nevertheless, you have enough stability to hold the positions. The mat is made of 100 percent natural rubber, which is biodegradable. According to the manufacturer, the manufacturer has avoided harmful substances such as plasticizers and solvents.

Even if you start to sweat, the mat still has a good grip so that you don’t slip away. Another advantage of rubber follows here: The material is easy to clean. The mat does not have to be washed in a washing machine, but the dirt can be wiped off with a soft cloth and diluted apple cider vinegar cleaner.

We also liked the handling of the mat: the mat can be easily folded or rolled up. In our test, the mat had a slight smell of its own, but this will probably evaporate if you let the mat air out. At two kilograms, the mat is not a flyweight but is still acceptable for transport to the next yoga studio.


2. Manduka Pro Lite Lotus

The mats by Manduka and Lotuscrafts are not only similar in color in our test. The Manduka Pro Lite Lotus is a good alternative to our test winner. The mat consists of 100 percent PVC and is latex-free for allergy sufferers. The American company explains that the mats are made emission-free. In addition, they are certified with Oeko Tex 100.

Non-slip and cushioning ensure that the mat can be used for all yoga styles. With a thickness of 4.7 millimeters, the joints are dampened when jumping to the ground. The underside (with the dotted pattern) ensures that the mat does not slip with dynamic asanas.

The top also offers a good grip, which should even improve over time. The company suggests treating the mat with sea salt to increase grip. The manufacturer also gives a lifetime warranty for the Pro Lite Lotus.


3. Yogistar Yogimat basic

Yogistar’s PVC mat Yogimat is a good and affordable solution, especially for beginners. The mat is sustainably produced and skin-friendly since no harmful solvents or plasticizers are used in the production. Fortunately, Yogimat has no smell! It also carries the Oeko-Tex 100 certificate. At only four millimeters thick, it is ideal for dynamic exercises.

However, if you sweat a lot, you may have problems with slip resistance. In this case it is recommended to wash the mat at 30 degrees with a mild washing soap in the washing machine – without fabric softener and without a spin cycle. Then dry with a towel and hang to dry completely. That should improve the grip.

The Yogimat lies flat on the floor and can easily be rolled up or folded. A carrying strap is not included, but the mat does not roll up automatically when it is rolled up on the floor. At just 1.1 kilograms, the mat is very light and easy to transport.


4. Lotuscrafts yoga mat Mudra Studio

The Mudra Studio PVC mat from Lotuscrafts is similar in many respects to the Yogimat – not just visually. It also has the Oeko-Tex 100 certificate, is skin-friendly and does not contain any pollutants. We did not notice any unpleasant smell – not even immediately after unpacking. It is one millimeter thicker than the Yogimat, comes to five millimeters and also represents a good compromise between comfort, slip resistance and cushioning. The mat is suitable for all yoga styles and levels.

The grip of the yoga mats improves over time. But problems can also arise here if the hands are very sweaty. In contrast to the Yogitmat, the Mudra mat from Lotuscrafts does not come into the washing machine. It should be hand washed with warm water and a neutral detergent or detergent.
The mudra is firmly and securely on the floor and can be rolled up easily. A carrying strap is not included, but the mat does not roll up automatically when it is rolled up on the floor. At only 1.2 kilograms, the mat is very light and easy to transport.


5. Yogistar Yogimat Pro

The Yogimat Pro makes a very high-quality impression, which is also due to the harmonious design. The Yogistar yoga mat is made of environmentally friendly TPE foam and therefore biodegradable. The mat is also suitable for allergy sufferers, neither PVC nor latex forms part of the mat. We did not notice any unpleasant smell even after unpacking. Furthermore, the mat also insulates against the floor cold.

The Yogimat Pro is very soft and supple, but still very stable and gives a firm hold to the asanas. The slip resistance is extremely good. In addition, the mat is easy to clean: wiping with a damp cloth is enough. The mat is delivered with a carrying cord (tone on tone with the mat) with which the mat can be easily transported. The weight is very light at 1.05 kg.


6. Reebok yoga mat 4 mm

This Reebok mat is probably also a PVC mat – we have not found any exact information here. However, it is shorter than most other mats and only measures 173 centimeters. There is no certificate like Oeko Tex 100 here, furthermore, the mat smells unpleasant, which is very annoying, especially for exercises close to the ground. The mat is non-slip and offers support for the asanas: However, the grip also decreases when the hands sweat. The manufacturer only states that the mat is easy to clean. How to do that is not revealed. The thickness of four millimeters dampens on hard floor surfaces.

The mat can be rolled up well and compactly and then does not roll out automatically when it is lying on the floor. A carrying cord is also included. The Reebok mat is the lightest in our test, the weight is 950 grams.


7. Good Times yoga mat

Good Times’ TPE mat is environmentally friendly, pollution-free and skin-friendly. A special pattern is embossed on the top, which increases the slip resistance during the exercises. The underside is embossed with a wave pattern, which ensures that the mat does not slide on the floor. The mat is eight millimeters thick, very soft and gentle on the joints. The mat is suitable for asanas while sitting or lying down. As soon as it comes to balance postures, the mat lacks the necessary stability. In our opinion, the Good Times is better suited as a mat or gymnastics mat than for yoga.

The mat is delivered with a cord and a bag. The bag was already broken in our test, a seam had opened. It, therefore, does not make a high-quality impression. The weight is pleasantly light at 1.2 kg.


8. Bausinger yoga mat, high pile

The Bausinger yoga mat made of new wool consists of 100 percent new wool on the top and is reminiscent of a lambskin. Therefore, the mat is very soft, warm and gentle on the joints. The mat is coated with natural-colored latex on the underside so that the mat does not slip away. The shaggy underlay is certified according to Öko Tex 100. The mat is woven and coated in Tuscany, assembled in Germany. The mat is not edged and fluffy, but that will probably wear off over time. In the washing machine, the mat can be washed gently at 30 degrees with wool detergent.

The mat is the largest in our test: 75 centimeters wide and 200 centimeters long. The mat is non-slip, but not so slip-resistant in yoga positions.


9. Lululemon The Reversible Mat 5mm

At around 80 euros, the Lululemon mat is the most expensive in our test field. The mat was designed for more comfort for the hips and knees when the asanas require posture. The underside of the mat is smooth and lies firmly on the floor. The mat is five millimeters thick and comfortable. The base of the mat is made of natural rubber: moisture is absorbed by the polyurethane, which is also included. The mat also contains latex. The grip is remarkable, even too grippy for our taste.

The mat is easy to clean – wipe with warm soapy water, let dry, done. The mat should be cleaned after training and that seems to us to be necessary. In our test, we had an anthracite-black mat on which traces of foot and hand movements were visible after the asanas. However, these traces can easily be wiped away.

The mat also stands out with its dimensions: it is 180 centimeters long and 66 centimeters wider than the other test mats.

The Top 9 Yoga Mat in 2021 [Yoga Master Review]
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