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12 Stylish Sound Bars in Comparison for 2021

1. Bose Soundbar 500

The renowned American manufacturer Bose is known for its high-quality audio technology. Especially in the field of loudspeakers, this brand manufactures recommended devices, such as the Bose Soundbar 500, which is the big brother of the well-known Soundbar 300.

It is very interesting that you can also operate this soundbar using Amazon’s Alexa voice control. You benefit from a compact design and powerful technology to ensure the best possible sound experience in your own home. Since the Bose Soundbar 500 is also Wi-Fi compatible and can be combined with external devices via Bluetooth and Apple AirPlay 2, you are always able to stream all your entertainment content wirelessly. The variety of control options is also impressive with this soundbar. Use the commands by voice or, as an alternative, use the free Bose Music app, which you can find in the App Store. The same is also possible with the supplied remote control.

2. Teufel Cinebar Lux Soundbar

The new Teufel soundbar, the Cinebar Lux, has several advantages. Thanks to the slim design, you can use it almost anywhere. So you can easily place this soundbar on the sideboard or attach it directly under the TV with a wall bracket. The soundbar has an integrated subwoofer so that it is not necessary to connect a separate subwoofer. In our test, we were able to confirm the playback of TV, music and gaming content at a high level.

Teufel uses four passive bass membranes for this product. These create a coherent bass foundation without being intrusive, which was also shown in our own test. In addition, twelve high-performance drivers and nine power amplifiers are installed. This ensures high levels in rooms of up to 30 square meters.

The following options are available for connections with this model:

-HDMI-CEC output for operation with TV remote control
-ARC for one-cable connection on the TV
-HDMI input
-4K pass-through
-USB connection
A subwoofer can also be connected.

3. The Sonos PLAYBAR WiFi soundbar with hi-fi sound like in a cinema

If one thing can be ascertained recently, it is that the well-known manufacturers of soundbars have grown again in terms of design. The Playbar WLAN soundbar from the American company Sonos also impresses at first glance with its sleek design and relatively low weight of just over five kilograms (5.4). The setup of the device is very easy and can be done quickly with two cables – one for the power and one for the TV. The soundbar can be easily controlled with your conventional remote control or with the special Sonos app.

The Sonos Playbar delivers thanks to its nine amplified drivers (six mid-range, three tweeters) a clear and powerful sound that is clearly superior to any normal speaker. You will only get the optimal sound here if you also buy one or two Sonos speakers (Play 1) and a subwoofer – so you get the unique 5.1 surround sound just like from the cinema on your sofa at home.

However, via USB or Bluetooth you can only use this soundbar with the appropriate adapters. However, if you are a Sonos user anyway, the WLAN alternative with the possibility of combining other Sonos speakers is the clearly superior variant.

4. The BOMAKER soundbar in comparison

As an alternative to the models already presented, the high-quality soundbar from the rather unknown manufacturer BOMAKER is also recommended. The BOMAKER soundbar could be a good choice for you if you require solid sound quality with a 2.0 channel at a good price.

According to the manufacturer, the soundbar reaches a maximum volume of up to 110 decibels. Especially in combination with modern television, which was designed in a similar design, this model is really impressive.

But the technical aspects of the soundbar offer some advantages compared to significantly more expensive devices. For example, the particularly effective high-fidelity 3D surround sound is used, which ensures both a wide listening zone and improved sound quality for you as the user. This model is also very well suited for a wide variety of usage scenarios, which applies to films as well as games and concerts.

5. The wireless Sony HT-SF200 2.1-channel soundbar

The Japanese brand Sony is known for its high-quality audio systems and also produces soundbars. For example, the Sony HT-SF200 2.1-channel soundbar is recommended, which is perfect for combining with a television. For such a compact size, you get a strong sound because a subwoofer is also installed. Sony describes this technology as S-Force PRO Surround Sound, whereby it is supposed to revolve around an all-round sound.

The easy connection to the TV is possible with the Sony HT-SF200 2.1-channel soundbar via HDMI. The corresponding cable is of course included in the scope of delivery of the audio device. The system not only supports additional devices via USB but also wirelessly via Bluetooth. In this respect, you are able to play music on your Sony HT-SF200 2.1-channel soundbar quite easily.

Optionally, it is also not a problem that this model can be mounted under a television with a wall bracket. A template for the holes is included. However, the VESA standard is not supported by the Sony HT-SF200 2.1-channel soundbar.

6. Sonos Beam Smart Soundbar

The Sonos brand has also completely focused on audio technology and is primarily known for loudspeakers that are used in your own four walls. The Sonos Beam Smart in particular is one of the top devices of this brand in the area of soundbars. And there are several reasons for this, such as good audio quality and solid workmanship and the diverse options when it comes to connectivity.

If you are interested in the high-quality Sonos Beam Smart Soundbar, then you can rely on a room-filling sound, which is an important advantage for films. So if you are a film fan, you are well equipped with this Sonos soundbar.

7. Samsung HW-N300 / ZG soundbar with Bluetooth and virtual surround sound

You can connect the Samsung HW-N300 / ZG soundbar to your TV via Bluetooth. The connection is possible without a cable connection. To do this, a Bluetooth device must connect to the soundbar. This model should offer you a powerful sound via the 2-channel system. You can connect external players via USB. Together with the additionally available wireless rear kit, you should have a good surround sound experience.

The South Korean manufacturer estimates the dimensions of the HW-N300 / ZG soundbar to be 64.1 x 6.5 x 10.7 centimeters. The weight is 1.2 kilograms. The 2-channel system with the four integrated speakers offers you virtual surround sound. The soundbar has a built-in subwoofer and two sound channels that are supposed to provide deep bass. According to Samsung, you get a lot of bass in less space.

The following connections are available:

-Digital audio input (optical)
-AUX input
The scope of delivery includes soundbar, remote control, wall bracket and power supply.

8. Yamaha YAS-306 MusicCast 7.1 soundbar

As an alternative to the soundbars already presented, we would like to present a variant of the brand manufacturer Yamaha to you. This is the Yamaha YAS-306 MusicCast 7.1 soundbar, which offers crystal clear sound and will ensure an authentic home theater experience for you.

Thanks to the MusicCast feature, you also benefit from a multiroom option that offers numerous advantages and ensures that you can listen to music anywhere in the house. Of course, this model also supports wireless music streaming via Bluetooth, whereby this technology is based on aptX on this device.

If you choose the Yamaha YAS-306 MusicCast 7.1 Soundbar, we also advise you to download the clearly laid out app to your smartphone. This allows you to conveniently control the audio device remotely, which is really practical.

9. The compact Nubert nuPro AS-250 active soundbar in comparison

The first thing you notice when you look at the Nubert nuPro AS-250 soundbar is the somewhat unusual but great design. While almost all competing products in the large soundbar comparison on are kept in a matt or glossy black, the white-black combination of the nuPro AS-250 stands out. But beyond the design, this soundbar has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to sound, which almost all users of this device point out as excellent.

In terms of sound, the soundbar can definitely keep up with even more expensive models, both loud action scenes and calm dialogs are reproduced flawlessly – in the end, an external subwoofer for the bass is not absolutely necessary, even if it is of course still an option. The device has both digital and analog access (optical, USB, …) and is connected and set up relatively easily.

Conclusion: A very underestimated product that can keep up with expensive models.

10. The LG SJ2 2.1 soundbar with Bluetooth function and external subwoofer

The LG SJ2 2.1 Soundbar is a real all-rounder in a large soundbar comparison on If you are looking for a cheap sound system to improve the miserable tone of your flat screen, you should definitely take a closer look at this model. The soundbar is visually appealing and also quickly attached to the wall, size and performance go well with 40-inch TVs. With the Bluetooth function, you can also quickly and easily connect to the soundbar from your smartphone. Otherwise the possibilities of the connections are relatively manageable (e.g. no HDMI).

A big plus is an external subwoofer, which requires only a single cable for the power supply. Due to the proud output power of almost 100 watts, the bass of the subwoofer is significantly improved compared to other sound systems. Thanks to the possibility of an optical connection, you can easily operate the soundbar with the normal TV remote control after connection.

Conclusion: The provided volume of the LG SJ2 2.1 soundbar is completely sufficient for every normal living room. This makes this model a good compromise between performance and effort.

11. TOPVISION soundbar with Bluetooth 5.0

According to the manufacturer, the TOPVISION soundbar has an output of 60 watts. These are four cone speakers with large magnets. According to the manufacturer, this should bring you a powerful sound and clear audio quality. According to the manufacturer, you can connect the soundbar to the TV via an HDMI ARC output. According to the information, you can simply separate and combine the speakers. In addition to placing the speakers under the TV, wall mounting is also possible.

You can also connect this model using the cables that are included in the delivery. The TOPVISION soundbar, therefore, supports a connection via HDMI, AUX, USB or optical. In addition to the TV, you can also connect the PC, DVD player or game console.


12. The Teufel Cinebase 2.0 soundbar speaker with Sonic Emotion technology

The Teufel Cinebase 2.0 soundbar loudspeaker is a step up in terms of price and sound. This soundbar is a real high-end device that is basically ready to play after unpacking and offers an excellent sound regardless of the position in your living room. Simply connect the Teufel Cinebase to the TV using the supplied HDMI cable and you’re ready to go – you don’t need an amplifier or additional subwoofer. You can easily operate the soundbar with the normal TV remote control.

The Teufel Cinebase 2.0 soundbar speaker is also ideal as a music system. With modern Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the music is transferred cleanly from your smartphone, tablet or PC and supports all common programs – from Spotify to YouTube to apps or games.

The soundbar is made of wood so that it can easily carry a weight of up to 60 kg. So if you simply don’t know where to put the sound deck, just put it under the flat screen.

12 Stylish Sound Bars in Comparison for 2021
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