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TOP 6 Spinning Bikes and Indoor Cycles – Home Guide for 2021

1. Schwinn Speedbike IC8

The Schwinn Indoor Cycle IC8 has no freewheel and therefore belongs to the group of spinning or speed bikes.
Thanks to the contactless magnetic brake, the Schwinn is quieter than spinning bikes with classic felt or leather brakes.

The target group for the bike is cyclists and fitness enthusiasts. It is adjustable for sizes from 1.55 to 1.95 meters, whereby the seating position under 1.70 meters is very sporty.

The magnetic brake in conjunction with the large flywheel ensures excellent concentricity. The picture shows the seal of approval for the Schwinn IC8 The bike is equipped with two bottle holders, two additional holders for small dumbbells, a stable non-slip shelf for tablets and SPD-compatible click pedals.

The display of the braking resistor is exceptional, which makes the training reproducible. The bike can be connected to the RideSocial, the Kinomap, and the Zwift app via the Bluetooth interface. The Zwift app converts the set resistance into watts, this only works to a limited extent. To obtain reasonably exact values, the resistance sensor must be calibrated using the training computer. The training computer is easy to use and has a USB charging socket.
Due to the good workmanship, the very good riding characteristics and the Bluetooth connectivity, the bike is recommended in this price range.


2. Life Fitness IC1 Indoor Bike

The training computer of the IC1 should offer more information for varied training at home. The measurement of the pulse rate exclusively via hand pulse sensors is a shortcoming, but it can easily be compensated for with a separate pulse meter.

The indoor bike IC1 is excellently made. The quality is unmatched in this price range.
You can read the details about the technology and the computer below. The Life Fitness IC1 is the first choice for everyone who is looking for a durable, high-quality and beautiful indoor bike and can do without digital frills.

Due to the excellent quality and the well-thought-out details, the Life Fitness IC1 indoor bike receives my purchase recommendation. Technically, qualitatively and optically one of the best indoor bikes I’ve tested so far.


3. Sportstech Speedbike SX400

The Sportstech Speedbike SX 400 cannot hide its origin. The construction and lack of freewheel clearly indicate a spinning bike. In the test, I was impressed by the look, stability and running properties of the bike.

With the app, the manufacturer tries to expand the area of application somewhat. However, the app is not up to date and urgently needs a revision. The Sportstech SX 400 is best suited for sporty people because of its seating position.
If you prefer an upright sitting position, you should switch to an exercise bike or exercise bike.

The indoor cycle by Sportstech is very stable and can therefore also be used for heavier people up to 150 kg.
The frame is large, so the bike can also be ridden by people up to 1.95 meters tall. Since the ratio of leg length to body size can vary greatly, tall as well as small people should measure their stride length (inner leg length) before buying.
The highest saddle setting is suitable for stride lengths up to 96cm.
The deepest saddle position is suitable for stride lengths up to 71cm. This usually corresponds to a height of around 1.60 meters.
With a height of 1.60 meters, it makes more sense to buy the Sportstech Speedbike SX 200. This model is slightly lower and the distance to the handlebar is shorter.

Conclusion of the test: If you are looking for a stable indoor cycle without digital frills, to cover many thousands of training kilometers, I can definitely recommend the Sportstech Speedbike SX 400.

4. Sportplus Speedracer 2100i

The Sportplus Speedracer is a spinning bike with a rigid drive (without freewheel). The bike has a large adjustment range and is surprisingly easy to adjust. Concentricity is very good. Unusual in this price range is the use of an app for training recording and the integrated pulse receiver for uncoded chest straps. These features enable versatile and varied training. The shelf for a tablet with the two integrated bottle holders is made of plastic, but in this and in higher price ranges it is rarely or not at all to be found.

In the price segment between 250 and 300 euros, the Sportplus Speedracer is one of the best indoor bikes. The workmanship is good, the equipment is well thought out and therefore the Sportplus Speedracer SP-SRP-2100i gets a purchase recommendation from me.

The Sportplus Speedracer is suitable for recreational and fitness athletes and for cyclists who are looking for a simple bike for training in bad weather. Thanks to the highly adjustable handlebar, the seating position is moderate, so that people who actually prefer an ergometer can make friends with the bike.


5. Asviva S8 Pro

The S8 is an indoor bike with a rigid drive. That means, as long as the flywheel turns, the pedals turn. To stop quickly, you can brake the flywheel by pressing the stop button. The bike is stable and can optimally compensate for uneven floors with four leveling feet.

The saddle can be adjusted horizontally and in height and is suitable up to a height of 2.0 meters. The height of the handlebar can be adjusted by 12.5 centimeters. The seating position is very sporty for people under 1.80 meters. The hand pulse sensors are too far in front, so you sit stretched when the pulse is to be measured. Thanks to the large and heavy flywheel, the concentricity with great resistance are excellent.
The felt brake makes only slight grinding noises.

Pedals with straps and heels are installed as standard and on the back they have a click mechanism that is compatible with Shimano SPD. A bottle holder with an aluminum bottle is included.

The Speedbike Asviva S8 Pro is recommended for people over 1.80 meters due to its good workmanship and quality.


6. SOLE SB700 Indoor Cycle Bike

Thanks to the eddy current brake, the training device is very quiet and has a braking power of up to 500 watts. The displays in the training computer are sometimes a bit small. 15 training profiles are integrated into the computer. The pulse program, the watt program and the freely definable training programs are interesting for cyclists.

If you want to concentrate on your training and don’t need digital gimmicks, I can definitely recommend the SOLE SB700 Indoor Cycle Bike.

Especially since there are currently only indoor cycles with rigid drives and mechanical brakes in this price range. For indoor cycles with eddy current brakes, like the Speedracer, you have to dig deeper into your pocket.

TOP 6 Spinning Bikes and Indoor Cycles – Home Guide for 2021
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