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Top 6 Best Office Chairs for Home Office in 2021


1. SONGMICS Ergonomic Office Chair

The Songmics OBG57B office chair looks like a typical executive chair. The height-adjustable desk chair is equipped with armrests that cannot be adjusted. For this, the seat height of the chair can be adjusted continuously in a range from 46 to 56 centimeters. The high-quality PU surface of the chair should feel comfortable and be easy to clean. According to the manufacturer, extra-thick padding promises good elasticity and better adaptation without deformation. The backrest is inclined up to 120 degrees. Consumers can switch the rocker mechanism on and off using a lever under the seat.

The Songmics OBG57B office chair has a starbase with five safety castors that ensures good rolling behavior. The cross has a diameter of almost 70 centimeters, while the chair castors are abrasion-resistant and have a high-quality PU coating. According to the manufacturer, the rollers are suitable for hard floors such as tiles, wooden floorboards, screed, parquet, or laminate. Consumers may load the office chair with a maximum of 150 kilograms. The seat is almost 55 centimeters wide, while the backrest is 76 centimeters high.

What makes an office chair more comfortable? A backrest that adapts to the back when you lean back is one of the essential features of a good office chair. When sitting upright, integrated spine support can also provide the necessary support. If the backrest appears a bit thicker on the side, this should increase the comfort of the office chair. Other features of a good office chair are adjustable seat height, a wide seat, and additional padding that adapts to the shape of the consumer.


2. AmazonBasics Gaming Style Office Chair

The AmazonBasics 49924 office chair is a sporty executive chair with an easy-to-clean and comfortable PU cover and extra-thick padding. The chair is designed to provide ergonomic comfort with full back support. It can be rotated 360 degrees and has height-adjustable armrests. To prevent your feet dangling above the floor, the seat height of the office chair can be adjusted using a gas pressure spring mechanism.

In addition, the model has a button for setting the slope resistance. According to the manufacturer, this can be used to increase or decrease the resistance when rocking. Available in three color designs: The AmazonBasics 49924 office chair is available in three different color designs red-black, blue-black and gray-black. According to AmazonBasics, the executive chair is equipped with gently sliding nylon pressure rollers.

These are intended to ensure that the chair does not move when the user is not sitting on it. The manufacturer does not provide any information on whether the chair is delivered already assembled or to what extent consumers have to assemble it themselves. Only reviews from Amazon customers are known about the width of the seat and the maximum load capacity.


3. Merax Ergonomic Gaming Office Chair

The sporty design and the red-black or black-black color combination should look good in the office and youth room. The office chair has armrests, an artificial leather cushion for the back area, and a pillow for the head area. All components can be adjusted to a position that is healthy for the consumer. With a five-star nylon turnstile, the chair should offer maximum stability. The seat height can be adjusted in a range from 42 to 51 centimeters.

The load capacity of the office chair is a maximum of 100 kilograms. While the seat height is continuously adjustable, the backrest can be tilted up to a maximum of 135 degrees. The Racer office chair scores with a rocker function that can be deactivated. The armrests can also be continuously adjusted in height. If possible, consumers shouldn’t spend more than 2 to 3 hours a day in the chair, according to the manufacturer.

What types of office chairs are there? When looking at the products at relevant retailers, consumers encounter the terms executive chair, desk chair, swivel chair, or gaming chair. All of these models are similar to some extent, so the focus is on ergonomics. A good office chair should support a healthy posture when sitting and adapt ideally to the body of the user. Those interested in buying can find out what differences there are between the individual models in our guide following the product descriptions.


4. Mfavour Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

The mfavour office chair has a headrest that can be adjusted in height and angle for effective neck protection. An adjustable 3D armrest and a thickly padded seat should provide additional relaxation when working or gaming. According to the manufacturer, the reliably curved contours keep the user’s spine properly aligned and ensure a healthy sitting posture at work. The seat is 7 centimeters thick, filled with heavy foam, and has padded armrests. A breathable mesh back should ensure good ventilation and keep the back comfortably cool for a longer period of time.

Inclination clamping head with locking function: The inclination clamping head of the mfavour office chair under the seat can adjust the inclination of the backrest from 90 to 120 degrees depending on the size of the user and lock it at any angle.

The office chair can be rotated 360 degrees and has low-noise, high-performance castors on the underside. Its explosion-proof base plate with a five-star steel base is intended to increase safety and stability. It has a maximum carrying capacity of 150 kilograms, is easy to assemble according to the manufacturer, and is shipped with a 24-month guarantee. It has a synchronous mechanism and should be used a maximum of 8 hours a day by people between 160 and 185 centimeters tall.


5. Furmax Office Chair

The office chair is a classic swivel chair and has a high backrest that is ergonomically shaped and protects the spine. In this way, the chair is supposed to counteract back pain. The ergonomic trough seat ensures optimal support in the pelvic area. There is also a higher headrest with an easy-care synthetic leather cover.

The armrests are also made of plastic and make this office chair a robust all-rounder at the desk. The maximum load on the office chair is 100 kilograms. Breathable mesh cover: The breathable mesh cover on the back of the Merax office chair promises a high level of comfort and allows air to circulate. The office swivel chair consists of the following components: adjustable armrests, rocker function, robust plastic castors, and lumbar support.

The desk chair can be adjusted in height and adjusted to the sitting position using a gas pressure spring. According to the manufacturer, this chair is suitable for everyday use at home and in the office. The TÜV-tested office chair should be easy to install thanks to assembly instructions and is available in a pack of four or as a single piece.


6. AmazonBasics High-Back, Leather Executive Chair

To tilt the AmazonBasics executive chair with high backrest backward, the lever is pulled forward. When the lever is pushed back, the office chair is prevented from tipping over. A rotary knob on the underside of the chair can be used to determine the extent to which the chair is tilted backward.

Amazon Basics office chairs with medium-high and high backrests offer good support throughout the day. In addition, the models have a noble and elaborate design. Different options for adjustment and the soft formats guarantee the greatest possible convenience. The executive chair has black fiber material made of leather, which forms soft padding on the seat. In addition to upholstered cushions in a back-friendly formation, there are minimally curved armrests with black upholstery for additional comfort and support.

The 360-degree swivel joint achieved a high degree of freedom of movement in a test. Easy steering of the AmazonBasics executive chair is made possible by smooth-running nylon rollers. The maximum load is 110 kg. Amazon Basics offers a one-year, limited warranty.

Top 6 Best Office Chairs for Home Office in 2021
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