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The Best Curling Wands in 2021


1. Remington CI9538 Pro 1″-1.5″ Pearl Ceramic Conical Curling Wand

This chic model is beautiful to look at and at the same time handy and light. The operation of the device is clear and easy to understand. You can read the nine different temperature settings on the digital display. At the same time, a key lock prevents you from accidentally changing the temperature.

This curling iron is suitable for large curls and shiny waves. Long hair is therefore particularly suitable for styling. The hair should be at least shoulder-length so that this curling iron can develop its full potential.  In addition to the keyboard lock, the automatic safety shutdown, which is activated after 60 minutes, ensures safety.

The premium manufacturer not only looks classy, but the high-quality device also delivers what it promises in terms of performance. According to the manufacturer, styling results like a professional.

The customer reactions are also above average positive. The ease of use and excellent result are particularly praised. The curls succeed even beginners the stick slides easily through the hair and can be easily fixed.


2. Revlon 3X Ceramic Tapered Curling Wand

You can create this popular style with a curling iron as follows: Divide narrow strands. First, turn the upper part of the strands around the curling iron and let the heat soak in for a few seconds.

Then the lower part of the strand is turned in the other direction and held again for a few seconds. The tips of the hair remain outside. This creates natural-looking and uneven waves. The narrower the curling iron and the thinner the strands, the more your hair is waved.

The device is handy and light, just like the operation. It is intuitive and easy to understand. The temperature can be regulated via a plus and minus button and a button lock prevents you from accidentally adjusting it during use. Due to the higher percentage of ceramic, the layer is harder and therefore less susceptible to scratches than with standard coatings.

The processing of the device is of high quality and should ensure a long life. the model has a conical heating element. This curling iron is suitable for both long and short hair.


3. ELEHOT Curling Wand Iron Set 5 in 1 Interchangeable Ceramic Tourmaline Barrels

The ELEHOT brand offers an interesting curling iron that has a 5-in-1 function. The device scores with a good price-performance ratio and a wide range of functions. So you can create all kinds of curls in a variety of ways during hair styling. It does not matter whether it is classic curls, curly curls, or spirals and wavy curls.

The five curling iron attachments leave your creativity free scope. Two of them are conical and you can conjure curls between 9 and 18 and 19 and 25 millimeters. You can use the other three attachments for curls of 19, 25, and 32 millimeters in diameter. This wide range is advantageous because you can use the curling iron for both medium and long hair as well as for small and large curls.

With the help of the intelligent temperature control, you can adapt the device to your hair structure at recommended temperatures between 170 and 230 degrees Celsius – whether it is soft, normal, or rough hair. Thanks to the tourmaline ceramic coating, the hair is warmed up evenly and thus well tamed.

The operation was also simply implemented. So you can use the curling iron comfortably due to the 360-degree design with rotatable swivel movements. The LED display also shows you the current temperature of the curling iron.


4. BESTOPE 6 in 1 Curling Iron Wand Set

With this 6-in-1 curling iron in pink and gold from BESTOPE, you get a total of 6 different attachments for maximum versatility in hair styling. The sizes between 13 and 25 millimeters allow you to style your hair in any curling style and with natural-looking curls, according to the manufacturer.

The tourmaline ceramic used is intended to prevent static build-up and frizz – for healthier and smoother hair.

You can easily read the set temperatures on the LC display. For easy and comfortable handling, the model BP-06005 is also equipped with a non-slip handle and a cable that can be rotated through 360 degrees. In addition, the various attachments can be exchanged with a simple turn. The PTC technology ensures a quick warm-up time from 30 seconds to 210 degrees Celsius.



5. Remington Pro Soft Curling Iron CI6325

Unlike the models presented so far, you can even choose between ten individual temperature settings from 130 to 220 degrees. You can read this on the practical LCD display. In addition to the ceramic coating usual for Remington, the Pro Soft Curl is also equipped with an additional tourmaline coating. The mineral tourmaline has an antistatic property so that your hair does not become electrically charged. If no button is pressed within 60 seconds, the device switches off automatically for safety reasons.

Even though the Pro Soft Curl curling iron performs very well overall and is equally suitable for beginners and professionals, there are small restrictions. The heating element has a cool tip, which prevents accidental burns on the ear or neck. On the one hand, you can only use it for medium-sized curls, on the other hand, it does not seem to give satisfactory results for particularly fine hair.

If you are blessed with strong hair, you can safely buy the Pro Soft Curl. The overall ratings are very good, as with the Remington curling irons already presented. It is easy to use, lies well in the hand and conjures up beautiful medium-sized curls even for inexperienced users. The Remington Profi Curl is a curling iron with a clamp. This is practical, because you do not have to fix the rolled-up strands by hand, but you can leave your hair in the spring-loaded clamp until the desired time is reached.

The Best Curling Wands in 2021
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