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5 of the Best Hair Cutting Shears for Lockdown

1. Takai Dual 50 hair cutting scissors

TAKAI means “valuable” and “rar” in Japanese. The TAKAI brand as a symbol of our philosophy stands for skill, skill, and dexterity, that is: for the qualities of a creative hairdresser. TAKAI Technology wants to give you the highest level of comfort and enjoyment when you exercise your calling by offering you top quality instruments. Enrichi steel: Hitachi 440 stainless steel enriched with vanadium and molybdenum. Professional hair scissors with Hamaguri cut. The concave cut and the convex cutting edges enable a very precise haircut. Original Japanese hair scissors at their finest. The steel used is specially made for the forging of these scissors. The cut is also exceptional!

2. Utopia Care Hair Cutting Scissors

Utopia Care is a well-known manufacturer in the field of cutlery, but also for scissors and knives. These hair scissors offer beginners and professionals a solid tool of good quality.

The Utopia Care scissors are made of top quality and have been made to last for life while you use the same razor-sharp blades since the first use. These scissors Japanese stainless steel are convex and concave from the outside, giving maximum razor sharpness and durability. The precision-ground blades give you a professional cut. If the handle seems too small, you can extend it by removing the plastic rings. These scissors can be used for both wet and dry hair. Ideal to use in salons by professionals and for households as well



3. Olivia Garden SilkCut Hair Cutting Scissors

Hair cutting scissors, Silk Cut series, rust-free Offset form for the best hand Ergonomic relief thanks to offsetting thumb screw, integrated finger hold he hand-made, strong scissor blades precise setting of the scissor pressure.

The Silk Cut hair clippers and thinning scissors that everyone can really afford. Ideal for beginners and as an economical alternative for maximum profit in everyday salon use. The Olivia Garden hair scissors are ground flat but convince with outstanding sharpness that is retained for a long time.

Olivia Garden focuses particularly on the lifelong quality of his scissors. In fact, Olivia Garden hair scissors are characterized by enormous durability.



4. Jaguar Prestyle Ergo Matt Hair Cutting Scissors

White Line Forged and ice-treated quality steel for long-lasting sharpness. Precise blade shape and VARIO screw for very good movement. Cutting edge with a flat cutting edge as well as hollow grinding and honing for very good sharpness and good slice properties. Longevity Long-lasting sharpness through the use of forged quality steel and ice hardening processes at -80 ° C for solid hardness.

Smoothness Precise blade shape thanks to the dressing process and VARIO screw connection for easy and very good smoothness. The VARIO screw connection can be easily readjusted with a coin. Sharpness Classic blades with a flat cutting edge for very good sharpness. Well suited for slicing thanks to hollow grinding and honing. The toothed blade enables versatile use.

Jaguar does not only stand for something special in the field of cars. The toothed hair scissors are of high quality and meet professional requirements.


5. Kovira 2pc Professional Hair Cutting Scissor Set

This set includes razor-sharp hair scissors with straight cut edges and thinning scissors with sharp teeth. Suitable for cutting and styling both wet and dry hair and for thinning. They can also be used for beards, whether thick, long, rough, or soft.
Each pair of scissors is made of high quality, durable 420C Japanese stainless steel and is 14 cm long. The blades with straight cut edges measure 6 cm, while the blades of the thinning scissors are each 5.5 cm long. The thinning shears also have 27 razor-sharp teeth for cutting.

Both scissors have comfortable ring-shaped rubber handles. This guarantees extreme accuracy and precision for, particularly clean cutting. For people with larger fingers and thumbs, the rubber inserts can also be removed and easily replaced.
Both the straight-edged scissors and the thinning scissors can be easily unscrewed if the cutting is easier for you without them. The set is supplied in a stylish case made of synthetic leather, in which the scissors can be safely stored using elastic rubber bands.

5 of the Best Hair Cutting Shears for Lockdown
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