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5 Best Waffle Makers in 2021

1. ZZ Heart Waffle Maker

You can prepare crispily and at the same time, fluffy heart-shaped waffles with the waffle iron. Waffles each are arranged in a circle, with both circles each 17 cm in diameter. The noble design in brushed stainless steel and the double non-stick coated waffle plates made of solid die-cast aluminum convince even the most demanding customers.

The massive die-cast aluminum ensures even baking and the 1,200-watt output also enables the plates to be heated up quickly so that the waffles are ready quickly. It is therefore ideal when several people are to be served at the same time. With this model, not only the waffle plates but also the concealed hinge are non-stick sealed. In this way, the waffles can be lifted out easily and without leaving any residue, even without adding any additional fat. This not only makes cleaning easier, but it also makes handling easier during baking.

In addition to the waffle iron and instructions for use, the product also includes the integrated cable winder and the practical fat drainage groove. An operating and temperature control lamp acts as a visual completion message. You can set the degree of browning with this model using a slide control.


2. KRUPS Belgian Waffle Maker

With the Krups FDK 251 waffle iron, you can make crispy Belgian waffles in no time at all. The model has particularly large and deep, non-stick coated baking surfaces, is easy to clean and, thanks to the heat-insulated handle, also enables safe handling. Thanks to the red power control light and the green temperature control light, you always have everything under control with regard to temperature and baking time.

The model is 31.6 x 15.5 x 29.5 cm and thanks to the vertical storage and the included cable winder it is also convincingly space-saving when stowed. With an output of only 850 watts, this waffle iron is clearly in the lower third of the comparison with other models.

Krups relies on high-quality materials with precise processing. The brand therefore also stands for quality when it comes to waffle irons. The Krups FDK 251 waffle iron is particularly popular because of its deep baking molds for rectangular Belgian waffles. The waffle machine is also impressive when it comes to cleaning and storage.


3. Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker

Cake-like waffles are best made with the Cloer waffle machine. This offers baking surfaces with non-stick coating, easy cleaning thanks to the internal hinge, and the grease collecting groove. The degree of browning is infinitely variable with slide control and a baking light acts as a visual ready message.

So that the waffles can rise well during baking, the waffle maker is equipped with a flexible hinge and the baking space simply becomes larger, depending on how much space the waffles need. As soon as the optical ready message lights up, you can easily lift out the cake-like waffles without leaving any residue.

The special feature of this model is the large baking surface with a diameter of 20 cm. Despite the large internal dimensions, the model can be easily stowed away to save space. Cleaning is very easy and baking is a child’s play because the baking light makes it easy to see when the baking process is complete.


4. Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Non-Stick Belgian Waffle Maker 

The well-designed Hamilton waffle machine has the dimensions 26.19 x 28.5 x 12.19 centimeters and is a real eye-catcher in its red stainless steel housing. The braking surfaces are non-stick coated and easy to clean. The degree of browning can be continuously adjusted using the rotary control. And the indicator light shows you when the best temperature has been reached to distribute the dough on the baking surfaces.

With this model, you can always bake two large waffles at the same time. With 1,000 watts, the heating unit is powerful enough to make two waffles again quickly and reliably. So there is always a supply.

You can make particularly thick Belgian waffles with this waffle machine – ideal for filling! And you can bake two waffles at once here. And thanks to the 1000 watt heating unit, the next portion can be given quickly.


5. Aicook 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker 

The Aicook waffle maker made of stainless steel has the product dimensions of 28 x 10 x 20 centimeters and weighs 2.4 kg. Thanks to its design and high performance, it is suitable for preparing thick Belgian waffles every minute.

With 1,400 watts, this waffle maker is definitely one of the most powerful models. The baking molds heat up quickly and fresh supplies are available every minute. So that you always know exactly when the waffles are ready, the machine has a thermostat and, of course, a baking light.

The specialty of this waffle machine is the extra thick and deep grooves in the baking pan for extra thick, square Belgian waffles. It is also special that the lid opens easily as soon as the dough rises. This makes the waffles extra thick and extra airy. The output of 1400 watts ensures rapid heating and post-production.


5 Best Waffle Makers in 2021
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